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  1. man, sweet cover.

  2. Most likely my last isue of IF and i still can’t believe it because a year ago this was my fav book on the racks.

  3. That is a great cover, but I dropped this a while ago. It was so good, but the book just fell apart. And without Aja on art full time, I just couldn’t stick with it any more. Too many other good books out there.

  4. I still enjoy every issue.  I like the endless tangents.  I am a little worried about Fraction leaving the book but after such a long dry spell with little or no Iron Fist stories out there i’m sticking with this one for the long haul. 

  5. Seems to be my last issue as well. I don’t like the preview for the new crerative team. I’m curious to see what Aja does next. At the same time, I wonder what happened in the last few issues when he seemed to of disappeared.

  6. I’m with you, Random. I’ll stay onboard after Fraction leaves to try it out, as I think there’s a lot of story potential with these characters.

  7. Whos doing interior art on this issue???

  8. David Aja is doing the interiors.  Sucks that Bru, Fraction and Aja are leaving but I am excited for the book to continue with Swierzcynski and Foreman.  There is an Orson Randall one-shot planned for September by Swierzcynski so I am glad that he is embracing the whole legacy aspect of Iron Fist and just keeping the ball rolling.  He writes amazing crime novels too. 

  9. Let me get this straight…I pretty much liked this book because of Aja’s art and after drawing about 6 pages in the last 7 issues, he’s on for the entire issue after I decided not to buy this issue?  It makes a compelling case, but with 12+ books for me this week, i may leave this to pick up in future weeks.  I hope Aja does Daredevil or Batman next.

  10. Loved the issue and loved the cliffhanger at the end.  Sad that it has to be carried on by someone else other than Brubaker and/ or Fraction.

  11. looooooved this issue.  i put it in the bottom of my stack because this book got so frustrating without aja on art.  but my was this amazing. best iron fist moments ever!!! not even kidding!

    oh and gotta love that panel with bru and fraction!! definitely made my day!

  12. oh crap joe q was in that panel too! haha

  13. yups, great issue… that cliffhanger was great… and the fact fraction and bru are off the book and won’t be playing around with that cliffhanger really pissed me off.

  14. Best Iron Fist issue of the whole run. Excellent.

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