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This might have been the least anticipated book I was picking up this week.  After removing Aja for the big finale of issue 14 and then Brubaker leaving, I almost didn’t pick this up.  Then, I grabbed it off the shelf, saw Aja was back for this last issue, and bought it.  And I was glad I did.  I loved Final Crisis this week.  I throughly enjoyed Green Lantern.  I was satisfied with Captian America this week.  But this?  This was the highlight of my books this week.  Matt Fraction and David Aja crafted a beautiful send-off as they depart from the book that made me fans of both of them.  It just makes me sad I won’t be seeing how they further weave the tales of Danny Rand.

After the events of the Seven Cities arc, Danny copes with the fact that his fortune was built on the corruption of Wu-An’s tyranny of K’un L’un.  As such, Danny decides he must devote his life to losing every blood-soaked penny of it in style, devoting his cash to charitable projects and various exercises to that extent.  Danny’s also tracking down the existence of the Eighth City as indicated by Xao, whose revealed to be connected to some figures of Orson Randall’s past.  Danny also tries to reconnect with those he loves most: Jeryn, Misty, Cage.  Some work out well, others are a little more vague but all were nice and sweet.  The character moments here are wonderful and show Matt Fraction is bound to go places.

Even though this book is only 16 issues in, this story felt like the series finale of a loved TV series that’s been running for years.  A lot of threads are tied up neatly… except for a couple that are bound to be picked up by the next team.  In fact, the ending almost makes me want to grit my teeth and pick up the new creative team’s book just to see how it would go down.  As far as creative team wrap-up issues go, this was near perfect.  Aja’s pencils are beautiful and terrific while Fraction’s work is tight and well-written.  I’m really going to miss these guys on Iron Fist, but I doubt there could have been a better ending made here.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Hell yeah!

  2. Nice review Tork.  I wholeheartedly agree.  This was my sub POW, right behind Final Crisis.  This was a beautifully written and throughly enjoyable issue, and probably one of my favorites of the series.  I’m actually pretty excited for what’s to come next.

  3. This was the most exciting issue since the first one. I barley kept buying this book through the end of the last arc, and this issue has me hooked again.

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