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  1. There’re a million variant covers for this… how appropos.

  2. At $4 this thing should come with a free Kirkman bearhug.  I’ll be shocked if my shop actually has a copy of this, but if it does, I’ll give it a shot.

  3. 1 comic is all they get. 

  4. @vadamowens – What? Are you saying each shop only gets one issue?

  5. lol.  No.  I’m saying that this series will get one oppurtunity to ‘wow’ me enough to get the 2nd issue.

  6. OK. Since it’s Kirkman, I’ll probably buy all six (unless they are simply awful).

  7. You know the third issue is going to be six months late, right?

  8. this will be the first comic featuring the any of the original image characters that i’ve bought since i came back to comics

  9. @edward – I fully expect to forget it exists during that long absence.  That way I will be pleasantly surprised every few months.

  10. Is Invincible part of this?

  11. @Stuclach: I can’t do it, man, I can’t support these douchebags that dump on the people that made them very wealthy and comfortable. I just can’t do it

  12. @s1lentslayer

    According to the Don’t Miss podcast he "may or may not" have a camero, so…. yes. 

  13. Errr…. cameo

    Though Invincible driving a Camero might actually make them cool. 

  14. Torn as to whether or not to pick this up.

    @Slockhart-It would be fantastic if they had his cruise by in his ’83 IROC.

  15. Gonna give this a shot, just because of Kirkman. He’s is mostly hit and miss with me, either it’s my favorite thing ever (Walking Dead and Invincible) or I could care less about it (Haunt, and a few others).

  16. I feel like it’s 1992 all over again.  I am looking forward to this more than Blackest Night.  It has been awesome to see McFarlane drawing again (check out Spawn #198).  The guy has still got it.  Will gladly pick up ALL six cover versions.  Hopng this is a big success for Image.

  17. @marcushill

    I am with you… I am super excited for this book, though there are 11 covers for the first issue so I don’t think I will pick them all up (and anyone that wants to b!tch about variants tell DC they can stop with Green Lantern variants being the norm on every issue).  

  18. I CAN’T WAIT TO READ THIS!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  19. Right on BrikHed!  Enough with those DC variants!!!!!!

  20. Super Stoked!

  21. @edward – I don’t typically mind gaps if the story is solid.  I prefer a solid story with a few delays to a bad story told quickly.

  22. I excited for this if only for the art experiment.

  23. @stuclach Sure. But there is no causality. Delayed storys are not better than non delayed. There are great comic books that come out on time. So it can, and should, be done on time.

    And I am just saying. Not beeing one of those who coplain about the lateness of Image United before it even started.

  24. I read a portion of this at the shop and found it mind numbingly boring. Probably because I have very little history with any of the characters.  If I hear good things, I might grab the trade.

    @Bendrix – I don’t mean to imply that late books are better, just that I am willing to put up with a late book if the story is good.  I don’t mind the delay.

  25. Cheap.

  26. This was ok, but I probably won’t pick up #2 unless I hear great things.  I don’t know many of the 90s Image characters, but the story was easy enough to follow as there wasn’t much there at all.  The art was cool to look at.

    I don’t know if there was a purpose to the Haunt back-up, but it seemed to miss the mark (whatever that was) as this just wasn’t good.  The dialogue didn’t work for me like Kirkman usually does.  I liked Haunt 1 and 2, but I didn’t dig this.

  27. Also, I’ve mildly defended the whole Haunt looking like Spawn and Spidey thing because I really don’t care, but on page 4 of IU #1, I thought that was Haunt, but it was Spawn sans cape.  This book may have made me dislike Haunt.  We’ll see.

  28. @Stuclach We tend to see eye to eye on most thins but I got to say one thing I will not tolerate is a late book.  It really bugs me… for me if an artist is too slow get a fill in guy.

  29. I thought this was great.  Lots of action.  I would probably get more out of it if I were more familiar with all the characters.  Wikipedia will help me out there.  Seeing all the different art styles was fun.  I’ll get the next one.

  30. @Hawkboy – I respect your viewpoint, but will (respectfully) disagree.  If a book is stellar, I am willing to wait rather than see the creative team break up.  Just look at what happened to Batman & Robin during Quitely’s break.  I would have waited 3 months between issues to see that magic maintained.  However, I will admit that I’m not always willing to wait.  In cases like Final Crisis, I will agree that the delay was painful and that they should have just made the artist switch and moved on. 

  31. I’m surprised the rating for this was 2.9 before I changed it to 3.  This was a strong issue #1.  I only know Spawn from this book, but I don’t mind reading about the other heroes.  This is very easy to understand for a new Image reader like me.

  32. This was great. Back when Image first started I read Spawn and a few of the cross over issues when people would team up for a one shot. This is the first comic featuring any of the original Image characters that I’ve bought since Spawn #50 and i loved it. almost pick of the week just for the sheet nostalgia trip

  33. this was fucking terrible. The art sucked and the story sucked balls too.

  34. Hype was better than the book.

  35. Did make me want to check out Youngblood.

  36. Was excited for this and extremely let down. Art experiment did not go over well. They seemed to make each other even more disjointed and worse. Unfortunate. Hopefully it gets better.

  37. i have never wanteed my money back for a comic…until now

  38. for a book that was about seeing how the art styles contrast against each other, they chose the wrong colorist.

    his highlights and glows was like adding other pencilers line work on top of the art again.

    very disappointing.

  39. I enjoyed it.

  40. Yeah I am not going to mercy buy 6 issues just because it’s Kirkman. meh

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