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  1. Ignition City has been a great series. I often hear complaints about Avatar’s coloring, but in this case I see no problem at all. It’s a beautiful book.

  2. I just finished reading the first one and loved it. I will be done with #2 & #3 by Wednesday! Can’t wait. 😀

  3. this book smells funny but reads wonderfully!!

  4. @edward It does smell funny. Many of the independent books do. (IDW, Boom…)

    Enjoying this book, not loving it though. 

  5. @prax: yes, it does smell funny, doesn’t it?

    yes it does

    it does, doesn’t it?


    i’m liking this thing. 

  6. All those Avatar books smell like love to me.  I agree with prax though.  I’m not loving this, but I think I will by the end of this arc.

  7. LOOOOOVE this book.

    LOOOOOVE Avatar.  They have been rockin latley.

  8. Absolutely loving this. I must agree that Avatar has been killing it lately.

  9. My first Avatar book was Crossed #1, which I totally and completely hated (admittedly, I was unprepared for how disturbing that book intended to be).  The fact that I can now smell that distinctive (and terrible–seriously, they can’t fix that?) Avatar paper smell and not have it bring up unpleasant and unwanted imagery is a testament to how much I’ve enjoyed Ignition City.  Any chance Ellis will return to the world of Ignition City when this series wraps?

  10. @Vadamowens

    Actually the Avatar books smell like cancer causing asbestos, but I do enjoy this issues.


  11. @mrlogical It will be continued the same as Locke & Key, in seperate arcs.

  12. The preview is great:

    I also love Avatar’s comic viewer, I’d seriously pay for comics through that. 

  13. Oh, apparently it’s a service called for online magazines etc. Should definitely be more widely used…

  14. It’s been suggested to me the smell is because they’re more freshly printed than your DC/Marvel books when you get them. In the future, people will lament the days when their Avatar books smelled fresh.

  15. They smell like someone put their love all over them!




  16. Doh, I buy my books from HeavyInk, and my shipping status for this issue just got bumped from shipping today to "running late from publisher."  Late for everyone, or just late for me/my store?

  17. I made this my potw entirely based on smell.


  19. @mrlogical Late for you. My store had it.

    Good issue. 4/5. Nothing special. "Science Will Fuck You!" 

  20. @ Heroville… perfect.

  21. 5/5 for sure, but not the strongest issue of the run. I felt like it was missing some of the magic from the first few issues, but it was still spectacular. After DETECTIVE COMICS and PROOF it’s not really a contender for POW, unfortunately.


  22. Warren Ellis comics always have the best lines.

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