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Across the country, bodies litter the streets as the Queen of Blood builds her army. A weakened Andrew must seek the aid of an old ally, but the game of death has a new wild card who may help Andrew tip the balance of power – or decapitate him.


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  1. This series continues to be a prime example of covers poorly reflecting what the comic actually looks like. I have no technical problem with the covers. They just don’t match the mood of the interiors, which I love. I also love me some shape shifting vampires.

  2. Hello, Darkness…my old friend…I am so impressed with this series and have my fingers crossed my LCS has set aside The Last of the Greats for me as I am anxious to give that a shot as well.

  3. I, no buy

  4. Ya the covers have nothing to do with whats going on in side.. its a good book.. not your typical vampire or superhero book. It has the feel of a post apocalyptic world mostly because your seeing things at night from the vampires perspective. This is not a teen angst story. Frankly i think its better than american vampire which i read for more than a dozen issues.

  5. Can’t agree more, except for the fact that I do have technical problems with the cover.

  6. Did this book even come out this week? I didn’t see it in my shop, nor did I see it on the DC App with the other titles for this week.

  7. nice to confirm that this did not infact come out this week:)

  8. So if it didnt come out. Why does it have a 3.5 rating? Weird. I guess there could be some people with advance copies.. but i suspect its just aholes blindly reviewing stuff they havent read.

  9. I’ve been picking this up digitally, I’m enjoying it.

  10. I still can’t believe I was upset when this book was not in my pile last week. This was to one book besides Hawk and Dove I was sure I would not even buy. I am sooo glad I was wrong.

  11. This has been the surprise of the New 52 for me. Love the art and the story is starting to progress… Only negative is i think itll read better as a graphic novel than in series format.

  12. Wow #3 in the pull list!! This is a darkhorse …

  13. Let’s try this again!

  14. Another great issue.. of this DCU from the vampire perspective.

  15. That was just amazing. Between the name of the next issue and the huge Batman sign…Yes. Just…HELL yes.

  16. Anyone else have difficulty with the light blue on red text? Kinda hard to read sometimes, for me.

  17. A solid 4 for this issue and I think I have been waiting for the next issue since the begining! Setting us up for the involvement of the rest of the DCU! Awesome!! Of course who is going to be the first to get involved in this plot; The Bat!! Bring it on; lets do this!


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