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  1. Really looking forward to getting this. I wish I didn’t know the ending, but it’s been so long since I heard about it, I think I forget most of it. 

  2. One of the best series of the year. Please let there be a HC.

  3. So excited to finally read this. 

  4. Have all the issues and I’m still getting this

  5. @Ipitythefool  I read this in singles as well, but am still getting this for myself and several more copies for friends/family.  If they don’t do a hardcover for this I will be getting my singles bound for sure.  Best book of last year.

  6. This will be included in my next order from Amazon. Would get it at my shop but they cut their subscribers discount from 20% to 10%

  7. I’m glad to see Joe Kelly finally getting some respect. Hes been one of the most consistently original writers in mainstream american comics.  

  8. I’m another one who might end up buying this for 2 or 3 other people. 

  9. sorry, iFanbase, zero interest. not my cup of tea

  10. I’ll be getting this in a week or two, when I put in my instocktrades order.  Most likely if I dig it I’ll double dip and buy the hardcover when that comes out.

  11. I better like this or the iFanbase will pay!!

    I’m really looking forward to this, not my usual cup of tea (shades of Edward)

  12. The only way this story could not be your cup of tea is if your cup of tea is not good stories.

  13. ha Cooper I totally agree

    @edward – the solicit doesn’t sound like my cup of tea either. i see "coming of age" and I think "meh" but this series is just incredible. it’s the kind of book you could recommend to anyone and be confident they’ll like it. i’m another who will probably buy a copy of this for a friend or two. 

  14. On second thought maybe I’ll just end up picking this up at the shop tomorrow

  15. I bought the singles of this one & am now thinking about also picking up the trade. Yup, it’s just that good.

  16. Damn this has a lot of pulls for a trade.

  17. Hey wasn’t this supposed to cost 10 bucks at one point? Man, for some reason I remember that being in some solicit somewhere…

    AH WHO CARES!!! I’m so looking forward to finally reading this; I held off on jumping onboard aroudn issue 4 and hunting down back issues online but now I’m definitely going to give it a shot.

  18. totally going to pick this up loved the issues, will make a fine addition to my bookshelf

  19. Yeah, this one’s been talked up a lot!! I’ll look into this one at the shoppe

  20. I can’t wait.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book.  Hey, I didnt want to read about zombies and now walking dead is my favorite comic book.  THe art is so sick!

  21. My POW just a fantastic story that reads great in one sitting.  Made my hour of lunch fly by and was worth every penny I paid!

  22. Picked this up today and plan on finishing it tonight.  Is this something I can pass on to my 10 yr. old daughter?  At a glance, it seems appropriate.  I guess I’ll know better tonight.

  23. my store didnt get this….

  24. lol, avg rating for this book right now is 20 out of 5. 

  25. Don’t want to overhype it, but this was my favourite series of the past year.  It’s touching and beautiful.  I will be picking this up even though I already have the issues. 

  26. Aargh!!  My store was sold out.  Both locations.

  27. This is the very first time I’ve picked up a trade based on hearing about it on iFanboy.  Boy, I wasn’t disappointed.  I read the whole thing in one shot, and I was in tears at the end.  I’ll be getting this for a couple of girls I know who have expressed interest in getting to comics.  I know they’ll love it as much as I did.

  28. Wow. I really can’t express just how much I loved this book except to say that it qualifies as what may well be the most heartbreakingly beautiful comic I’ve ever read.

    I definitely have to thank the iFanboys – most especially Ron – for pointing me towards this incredible piece of work.

  29. Score!  This was FANTASTIC.

    Comics =  Art + Story …this was so good in both departments.  Why I love comics.

  30. I saw the ‘Too Cool to be Forgotten’-esque ending coming sooner in this than I did in ‘Too Cool’ but it still got me :'(

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