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  1. Hulk this week! Looking forward to what Jeph has in store for us. Can’t wait. 

    —- > Audrey Loeb’s minis at the end of the issue are priceless. I love em’ Chris Giarrusso’s art fits like a glove.

  2. Agreed, sir. The new arc looks pretty solid. Should be a lot of fun.

  3. Oh, and I’m glad I’m not the only one liking/getting the Turner variant.

  4. I’m looking forward to Turner’s variant, I just hope my LCS will have it when I show. 🙂

    As for Hulk, call me crazy, but if I only had one book to read you bet it would be Hulk. Hands down my favorite character. 

  5. I’m glad to see Loeb got an account on these forums.

    Some of the stuff I’ve seen from this book ranks up there among the most retarded BS that I’ve seen in comics. However, Banner is back and that gives me hope, and I live in the titular city and will pretty much buy whatever features our little desert outpost (though I’m waiting for the Iron Man mini to come out in a collection.) So, I can feel a little less guilty about buying this. A LITTLE.

  6. I read this in the store…hmmm, I think I see what Loeb is doing with Hulk.  Its interesting.  I think if the previous arc wouldn’t have been so long, maybe just 4 issues, than it wouldn’t have pissed so many people off.  So yeah, interested, but not going to buy the book just yet. 

  7. I just finished reading Hulk# 7 and that’s it i’m done with this book. Goodbye Hulk you were one of my favorites maybe after the whole Rulk thing is finally done i’ll be back but for now no more. Good Day.

  8. im a little lost after reading this book.  did i miss something?

  9. @CaptainJack-haha, you didn’t miss anything at all.  Thats pretty much how every issue has been.  You finish it up and then are just left confused about what you just read.

  10. I’m done with this book!!!!

  11. best thing in this book for a while has been the mini marvals at the end.  but i may drop it soon too.  there are just too many changes and NO explanation for any of them. 

  12. Splitting this book into two seperate stories weakens it, and I see they’re doing the same thing next issue too. Why are they intent on killing this book?!

  13. @drakedangerz – Why the confusion? One shouldn’t assume that no one gets it. Many of us do.

    @limegintonic – #1-5 2nd prints argue that this book is far from dead.

  14. @J4K3, I’m glad you get it and hope the payoff you expect is there. For me, this book is just awful. I actually had to go dig out my previous issue to be sure I hadn’t skipped an issue.

     Joe Fixit is a character that doesn’t appeal to me and I really don’t understand bringing him into the mess Loeb has already created. Leonard Samson has been totally out of character throughout. Now Moon Knight shows up out of nowhere. Loeb’s doing a series of guest spots that just seem completely arbitrary and misplaced.

    Pulls here are below 200 for the first time and I think I’ll be dropping it soon, too.

  15. Jeph Loeb, i love what your doing. 3 Hulk stories in one issue… well counting Audrey’s short story of course. 🙂 I love this book. I am well aware how many of you think this is crap, but to each their own. Bottom line comics are meant to be enjoyable and I couldn’t be happier. Good stuff. 

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