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  1. OMG….this title is still coming out!? Please Loeb…just stop it….for your remaining fans and family…please just stop it…

    Keep writing Captain America: White but just stop with this nonsense. I’m sorry, I know you guys think I’m always negative…But give me a definitive reason why this is either a good title or why it should still be coming out.

  2. Cap: White was good, this I dropped cuz it blows.

  3. Coipels cover is the only thing good about this entire book!

  4. I’ve already read this issue, it came in the mail yesterday via my subscription. And after reading it I promptly cancelled it. I’m not wasting another red cent on this title. I gave it 5 issues. When I’m able to breeze thru an issue during the commercial break for a tv show then I really feel cheated. With comic books costing 3 bucks a pop or more, I’ve got to have a story with more meat and higher quality of writing than this. I enjoy the art for the most part, put thats not enough for me nowadays.

  5. I said the same thing after #4

  6. This comic is like a train wreck. It’s horrible and tragic and i just can’t look away.

  7. All the comments are negative so far…but we have 135 people who wanted this issue.

    I want someone who is a fan of this title and tell us why this is a good series. I’m not going to state ‘your wasting money’ or ‘your an idiot for buying it’. It’s your money and you wanna buy it; your opinion not mine.

    Anyone who is a fan has seen our comments on the title, now I wanna hear your opinion on why you might like it.

  8. I am buying this because I want to see what happens next…its wierd I know last issue was very bad but I wanna see how bad it could get. I will drop it soon most likely.

  9. @TheNextChampion- I don’t like being negative, I just hate spending $3 on a comic that I read in less than 60 seconds.  It’s bad enough that most are over in less than 5 minutes.

  10. I like Ed McGuiness’s art but why does he have to only work with Loeb?

    how is this a "Historic Epic"? 

  11. @leigh: How about we call it an ‘epic fail’? 😉

  12. OK, I was going to give this book one more shot since Thor makes an appearance, but I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead. If the only good reason to pick up this book is to, "see how bad it could get", I have other things to spend my money on.

  13. I am picking up the rest of this arc, think that is till #6, an then I am running away from this mess. 

  14. Does anyone else feel that Loeb is trying so hard to bring in the strengths of McGuinness that he isnt even really writing at all?

  15. It’s a good, fun, comic book!  It’s Hulk and it’s big and loud and thats really what it should be.  I think while many of you genuinely don’t like it I think it’s a bit in vouge to bash this book right now (Much like Trinity and a few other books that I feel are really solid).

    I mean I’ve actually read complaints that there is ‘too’ much smashing in these books…. too much smashing?  It’s the freaking Hulk!  And people who were upset the Hulk punched the Watcher calling it ridiculius and stuff?  That was brilliant!  Lighten up people you are allowed to be funny in a super hero book and not lose a sense of ‘gravitas’. God, I hate that word especially when people use it with funny books… so I guess I hate myself right now!

     For me it’s an interesting mystery, great action, beautiful art, and most of all fun.  I dig it.  



  16. this book is complete shit

  17. My first thought was coool, Hulk versus Thor but then i came to the slow horrible realization that Jeph Loeb can’t write a good book to save his life and that Red Hulk is proably going to beat Thor in some highly improbable and probably smash happy way which will look cool but make me cringe on the inside

  18. @drake: If, somehow, Red Hulk beats Thor…then I will personally go to Loeb’s house and punch him in the face.

    Thor is suppose ot have this come back that is clearly establishing his dominace back in the Marvel U. If he loses to a lame new Hulk then it would ruin JMS own title and the team up in the future issues of Secret Invasion. Seriously, how his he suppose to fighting super skrulls if he cant beat a new Hulk?

    Now I have to prepare my kung-fu for mr. loeb…excuse me.

  19. Really, I’m all for the inclusion of the other members from the Marvel U. (i.e. Watcher and Thor). It was somewhat amusing for Rulk to punch out The Watcher, but because the arc is so utterly pointless, the Watcher scene just added to the utter pointlessness. I haven’t received my #5 yet so I can’t really say much about the Thor cameo. Comments here lead me to anticipate dissapointment.

    I was really hoping Thor’s appearance meant the end of Rulk, but after reading this: I can see that we’re not quite thru with Rulk just yet. Greg Pak really built something with the Hulk mythos that’s severely lacking in Loeb’s story.

    As far as I know the Warbound party’s still on earth in need of a leader. Nothing would please me more than to see them show up and beat the hell out of Rulk (spoiler: He’s Doc Samson!). Then Hulk could explain to them that the whole WWH thing had been a big misunderstanding, escort them back to Sakaar, reclaim Sakaar with the aid of Skaar (not after a beat-em up match with Skaar of course) and then maybe come back to earth. 

  20. can’t delete the "not" before "after a beat-em up match..", but i’m sure you get what i mean

  21. Rulk is Doc Samson for real?  I thought that was a red herring in issue #4.

  22. @Kory – i seem to be in a speculating mood tonight. Not absolutely sure about it being Samson, but all signs point to it. Guess it’s either him or Ross. If it were Ross that might actually make this interesting.

  23. Oh look, Red Hulk (or Rulk, as they refer to him in the "Previously" page) goes up against big strong good guy.  Red Hulk beats big strong good guy.  Good guys bring in bigger stronger good guy.


    Where have we seen this before?  Oh yeah, issues one through four.  I’m hanging on in the hopes that once Loeb breaks this cycle, he might create something pretty good.

  24. Ok Ok, this book isn’t very good. It has zero depth. Having said that I am the sucker that stayed on for this issue. What can I say, anything with Thor in it will get my $2.99. I’m a big Thor fan, but damn you Jeph Loeb that money will be be somewhere else next time.

  25. My money’s on Ross.

  26. Perhaps I’m being a bit too critical here and I know comics are meant to be pure escapist literature, but I’m I really to belive that the Rulk can reach the surface of the moon by simply jumping from Earth…and with Thor in tow as well?! I realize that the Rulk is amazingly strong and all, but to cover a distance of roughly 384000 km in one single leap is a little hard to swallow.

  27. *read the spoilers for this issue*…………..Ifanboy, I dont ask much from you guys….But if it would be okay; I really want a in-depth interview with Loeb. I want to know why he suddenly turned into the worst writer in the world. Seriously; no jokes, no comments on stories he did 10+ years ago…..I want an interview were you basically make Loeb admit to himself why his books are such an ‘epic fail’ now.

    I dont even wanna talk about this comic again….I’m sorry but shame on the 184 people on this site for buying this issue. It’s your money your opinion….blah blah blah….you wasted your money and if you think this can qualify for entertainment…then you seriously need a dose of reality shoved into your eyes.

  28. He’s too busy with Hollywood.  He’s also involved with Heroes which also sucked last year which proves he can’t do both.

  29. @Champ – I understand your pain. The last thing I wanted to see a Hulk series become was an eight month long episode of C.S.I. Admittedly, though, Loeb has put together an interesting mystery on just who is this Red Hulk. Can you tell me who he is? You’re likely to say Samson or Ross, but isn’t that just what he wants us to think? I did some searches into other forums where people were specualting on the identity to Rulk and it led me to post this comment there and my current theory:

    There are several indications that Red Hulk aka: Rulk is not General Ross, which is the easy answer when the assumption is Doc Samson’s just too obvious. Most importantly the lack of a moustache. If Banner retains his hair thru the transformation where’s the moustache for Ross as Rulk?
    There are a couple of lines of dialogue from Rulk in issue #4 which suggest against it being Ross as well:
    just before Rulk breaks Hulk’s arm he says, "I showed them all. Iron-Man. She-Hulk. And those idiotic S.H.I.E.L.D. failures — Hill and ROSS."
    Then, atop the bridge as Rulk points the gun into Hulk’s face he says, "They might just give me a medal for doing this. If I even cared about that sort of thing."
    Ross has some appreciation for medals considering he’s a four-star general. Thus, the Ross suspiscion should be layed to rest. However, he does mention having hunted a Blue Hulk (Rulk also uses the word "Bulk" atop the bridge), leading me to believe he knows more than he’s letting on (i.e. the inaudible dialogue with Banner).
    Now, as far as Samson being Rulk, well.. it is too simple. This is Loeb’s attempt to throw us off the trail. It’s a fairly successful herring based on Spartans’ insistance that Rulk is Samson. All evidence points this way, and the only other person recognized by the robotic gate guard was Samson. Or was it?
    A little while ago I posted on another board that the key to knowing who Red Hulk is lie in knowing how Rick Jones became an Abomination. If Rick could become an A-Bomb, then it can be assumed that others can as well. So, maybe, that wasn’t Emil Blonsky’s A-Bomb carcass that was found dead at the beginning of the series, but another A-Bomb altogether. Meaning Blonsky’s still alive and mixed up in this story somehow.
    Would gamma base security records allow them to distinguish Blonsky’s identity? He had infiltrated the base during his spy missions which led to him becoming the Abomination, thus, he’s likely on record at the gamma base.
    If you check out King-Size Hulk you’ll find a lot of backtracking on Blonsky’s connection. The section ends with Ross looking at an image of Betty and the word "Revenge" in the notes.
    So, yeah, I’m leaning towards the Blonsky connection, but I’m not commited to it. Any wild guesses like Iron-Man or The Punisher being Rulk are just that, wild guesses, and Quesada threw Ares out there just cuz he’s an ass that would rather have Aunt May live forever than Peter Parker grow up. Don’t believe a word he says.  

  30. @Face: So we needed 5 (and more) fucking issues to get this ‘mystery’ out of the way? Your putting way to much into these ‘clues’ that makes you think this is a good mystery.

    Face facts people: The writing sucks; it feels like a teenger writes it and it’s like All Star Batman…you can take away Loeb’s words and put your own in and it can be better. Plus, it’s full of the same stuff we’ve seen in previous issues and have some of the most laughable things ever put in print. Even if you can find one good compliment like ‘Oh but McGuiness’s art is so gorgeous!’…Save it, I dont give a shit about how could the art might be. Don’t tell me I’m wasting 3 of my own dollars to read a comic in less then 2mins and just see some pretty pictures.

    It’s laughable to think that anyone can think this is any good…seriously it is. You know people have opinions, you cant tell them not to vouche for their own views…but you just cant think that this is a good series. The only thing I can think of people liking this is ‘It’s so bad it’s good’…It’s a shame, cause that’s been Jeph Loeb’s titles for almost 5 years now. I’m afraid to read the new Cap book he’s writing….Sure issue 0 was good, but god knows what he’s planning for that title..

  31. Wow, I am surprised at the overwhelmingly negative response to this series. I enjoy it, though I’ll admit, I don’t know why. I just read it, and I like it. It entertains me.

  32. @TheNextChampion

    That interview is a must have right now. I think that Loeb is in denial. I heard a couple interviews a while back with the guy and they were hilarious cause he makes out that he is God’s gift to Comics. The man did some alright work in the past but since his move to Marvel everything has been crap. And to be honest this could be an awesome book. I looked at Coipel’s cover for this issue and was jsut in awe. Its amazing art and an amazing cover but you open the book and everything goes to crap. Loeb has to think highly of himself in order to take a character like Thor (which was just brought back and has his own amazing book) and totally disrespect everything about him. What happened to the Odinforce? Is it null and void when he fights the Rulk? These five issue could have easily been condesned and made more interesting in three good issues.

    All in all: Loeb needs to retire from comics. Maybe come back for his color series every now and then but that is all.

  33. I buy this book every month because I want to know what happens next and i need to convince myself that it is really THAT bad. When a movie of a major character comes out, aren’t they supposed to make the book really good, not utter shit? This book just boggles my mind.

  34. Also, is it wrong that I found the "HULK SPLASH" back-up page with the kiddie art better than the main story?

  35. It’s an interesting question whether a book should be better or not because they released a movie featuring the character. I’d have to lean towards "or not" considering the current Iron Man and Batman stories are completely out of reach for any new readers. So why should Hulk be any different? 

    btw: I thought the kid Hulk paint fight was funnier than "HULK SPLASH".

  36. Is it me or has Jeph Loeb completely forgotten how to make a comic book good?

  37. what did I just read? All I know is that it was really bad. The only good thing from this was the mini hulks.

  38. @ JerB


    It’s not just you. CHANGE! 

  39. Please get Jeph Loeb off of this book now! Hulk was so good with Grek Pak in control, i’m ashamed to say i kept this up and decided against Incredible Hercules post-WWH. This book is painful to read at times. I will be dropping this very quickly if the Red Hulk stays around. He is soooooooooooooooo annoying. I’ll give a few more issues a chance when the Hul returns as the lead character IN HIS OWN BOOK!

     On a plus Olivier Coipels cover was beautiful!


     No, really. I do. I hope Loeb gets to write this book for years.

  41. i wont say its a great book but i seem to like it more than others.  the main reason i am getting this is i want to know why hulk is dumb now.  and how is rick alive agian?

  42. @thwworldaccordingtobob if you dont like it dont pick it up, also at Comic Con they said that this book will be switching between storys about green hulk and red hulk FYI.

  43. Hey Marvel, way to build on the momentum of the movie.  Does Loep write this on toilet paper while on the can in the morning ?  God knows the script for an entire issue would fit on one square.  Loep certainly can spare a square.

  44. The only way I can swallow Rulk trashing Thor is if he (Rulk) ends up being some fool who’s over absorbed the Red Infinity Power Gem (thus the Watcher showing up when he did). There is some evidence that this may be the case (Rulk didn’t leave a radiation trail behind)

  45. If comics were still a dollar, I could rationalize continuing to buy this.  But, after 5 issues of the Rulk beating people up with no other plot movement this is a long expensive trip to nowhere.

  46. way to go  … only reason I bought this and the last issue was because of thor then you have this overinflated jaffa toss him around like a ragdoll … nice work jeph … good job.

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