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  1. I know this is weird to comment on my own review, but maybe somebody can help me out: why do my paragraph breaks NOT show up on the review after i hit "submit." Having it as one long paragraph not only makes it hard to read, it makes me look like an idiot. Which I actually am, as i read this title, but i would like to fake intelligence a little bit.

  2. If you don’t like the way something tastes you don’t eat it, right? So why is it that when you don’t like the way something’s written you keep reading it? Set it down if you can’t enjoy it. Sooner or later it’s bound to get back on track. It’s the Hulk, one of Marvel’s flagships. It’s not going anywhere.

    Like I said, "less expecting, more accepting". Writers don’t spend years trying to get into the business so they can write what we want, but, rather, what they want.

  3. @ FACE


    I read it because I have this thing where if I start reading something, i have to know what happens next. Plus, I like the character of the hulk, so I am going to keep reading it with the hopes that it gets better. Like I said, I usually like Loeb. maybe he can turn it around. 

  4. @John – It’s beginning to seem that there are a lot more shitty books than good ones – I’ve been dropping titles left and right. So I’m with you all the way on this: I expect more. Incredible Hulk had so much going for it. Why should this suck so bad? But, because I love the Hulk character, I’m in it for the long haul, good and bad, worse and worser, and I’m trying to put a positive spin from this point on since I’m not going anywhere. Comics seldom live up to our expectations, which is suprising: you might think they’d want to please their readers. Remember it takes time to make changes. I suspect this Loeb M.O. of sparse dialogue and abundant splash pages can’t last forever.

    btw: some advice on getting your paragraphs to split up.. hit enter at the point you want your text to start the next paragraph.

  5. @Face

    i do hit enter. On the screen where i write the review, it looks right, but when i hit "submit" it changes to the "one long paragraph" format. idk why.


    and really, I’m usually not that critical on books. I was praising Trinity from issue 1. I think the Flash is kind of bad, but not as bad a everyone else does.  I don’t expect everything to be Dark knight Returns or Watchmen. I just want something that i can read and when I’m done i can say "I enjoyed that." And I enjoy almost every book I buy to some degree. But this book just annoys me. but I like the Hulk so I need to keep getting it to see what happens next. It’s the curse of following a character when you are a comics fan.

  6. yeah, it seemed a little too simple to just say hit enter, but it’s how i get mine to break up. hit ron up thru his email: he’s really helpful and prompt. most the tech stuff at ifanboy seems to be his doing.

    before i let this go, i must say i’ve got a great deal of respect for those who go against the grain. hearing you say Flash might not be so bad and that you’ve liked Trinity since day one keeps me wondering whose opinion is valid around here, and who actually has their own – opinion. i really like the Flash but won’t pick up the book because of all the bad hype it gets, but you better believe i’m in for Flash: Rebirth

  7. @FACE

    Yeah, the same thing happens in my reviews; the separate paragraphs become one long one. IDK why.

    And you’re right, Hulk WILL come around sooner or later. It was really bad for a while after the Peter David run and then along came Greg Pak, and now we’re in the valley again, but look! Up ahead! There’s the peak!

  8. @Face

    Yeah, Flash is bad, don’t get me wrong. but it’s not AS bad as everyone says it is. I don’t totally hate it, it still has a moment or two that are entertaining. And i think it’s going to start to turn around soon. And Rebirth should be great. I don’t know why everybody hated on Trinity so much.  I think expectations were just too high. People were expecting this amazing, epic, classic thing, and what they got was a solid, entertaining comic that was readable and had decent art, and they turned on it. I TRY not to get my expectations too high. I was just hoping for an enjoyable read and that is what I got, so i actually really liked it. I also like the fact that you don’t need a masters degree in DC continuity to enjoy it. If you have a basic understanding of the three characters, you are good to go. it’s kind of got an old-school, 80s vibe to it, too, which i like. So I’m definitely in for the long haul with Trinity. And, for some reason, for Hulk too. 🙂

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