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HULK #27


The oceans will boil! Red goes into deeply unfamiliar territory to stop the next contingency, and the best ally for the mission is Namor, King of Atlantis! Take a dangerous doomsday scenario and insert two of the most powerful overbearing egos on Earth and… what could go wrong?

MEANWHILE…in the Pacific, A-Bomb finds out where giant monsters go after they’ve been driven out, and finds…MORE giant monsters!!


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. This book has been nothing but a big ol’ bucket of radical for the last two months.  Hardman is drawing the hell out of this, and Parker’s writing is, as always, top notch.

    They are easily my favorite creative team in comics! It’s a shame Atlas had to go…but this kind of makes up for it, as it’s…..AWESOME!



  2. Hulk is strongest one there is!

  3. Sorry @peterparker18102, i have to disagree: Jeff Paker is strongest one there is!

  4. *parker

  5. I really like this book – picked up my first issue at #25 and found a few back issues so I think I’m relatively up to speed. I really like the look of this new creative team. Nothing against Loeb & McGuiness (because I like both of their work) but the new team got me to add a Hulk book this to my pull list. Hope they keep up the good work.

    Oh and the coloring is perfect for the brush style, loose art. Just love the way it looks. 

  6. @jackietam if not hulk, Gabriel hardman am strongest one there is!

  7. well he wont be in issue 30 peterparker18102 , edmcginnuess is drawing issue 30

  8. @peterparker18102 @jackietam i checked  Gabriel hardman  is there for issues 27 28 and 29

  9. No hardman in 30? Peterparker18102 smash! (too much?)

  10. I love Hardman. Parker is a good writer, but I hope we are not going to keep this who does Rulk punch this week that he punched in the first 25 issues format for much longer. Some sort of additional story would really seal the deal.

  11. Whoa… what a beautiful book.

  12. Wowzers. This was the one that upgraded the book from "Great" to "Well, Look Who’s Been Looting At The Talent Warehouse!"

  13. Marvel should just send a blank check to Hardman now

  14. Despite the grade A creative team, I’m dropping this book. The bad economy has hit me pretty hard, and I have to make more cuts to my pull list. When you get down to it, I think Parker and Hardman would be better served on another book. I just don’t give a rat’s ass about the Red Hulk.

  15. This was a solid comic but I didn’t like this as much as the first two.  Next month’s issue sounds more interesting when the lead and backup stories meet.

  16. The art was jaw-dropping during the space sequence.

  17. I love this book.  I agree that the coloring is really adding something special to this.  I hope this creative team remains intact for a really long run.

  18. This is turning into a truly fun book. The character moments nicely balance out the widescreen action. It’s nice to see Bruce still getting his jollies over Ross with petty shit such as the snorkel/comm equipment not being designed for Rulk’s fingers. Parker is redeeming everything Loeb put us through without disowning it. No Mephisto hoodoo or Stark mindwipe needed here.

  19. Parker is nailing the Ross/Banner relationship. Each scene with them crackles with tension of two men who have known each other for a long time, don’t really like each other, but can’t get away from the fact that they also have a deep connection (Hulk and Betty).  And Hardman is killing it. I wanted to cut back on my Hulk, but can’t do it here. You are on notice plural Hulks.

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