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HULK #16

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  1. ‘Nuff said indeed.

  2. why can’t i stop buying this book?

  3. @har13quin im having the same problem 

  4. ian churchill’s really bad on this one…i wish micguiness would come back 🙁

  5. I can’t stop either.  I stopped for about 3 months then had a relapse.

  6. Deadpool appearing in this one?  Its sad when the only reason I’ll pick up a book is because Deadpool may or may not be in it.  Although, the promise of Deadpool lead me back to ASM, and that’s a good thing…

  7. I like the alt cover with Hulkpool on it

  8. Pretty good issue this week, wasn’t really expecting this story to go the way it did.  I think there may have been more dialagoue in the past two issues than there was in the first 14 books of this series combined.

  9. Wow!

  10. @cubman More dialogue yes. Anything resembling a coherant thought or intelligent characterization? Not so much. And we got a long my dad made me smoke cigarettes story which could only have been less original and cliched if it had been told by the Fonz. And that six bind men on an elephant parable? I am fairly certain that is NOT the moral. I buy all things Hulk. I like big stupid smashing. But this… This may just be a bridge too far. 

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