HULK #16

Review by: zombox

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I still love Churchill’s art. Always have. He and McGuiness have very similar styles to me, both with an almost cartoonish exaggeration that simplifies but invigorates their scenes. This story was fine, in that is is not a train wreck and is understandable to teh reader. Loeb is tellign a lengthy, decompressed¬† story that has had several dragging sections. I’m a little interested in where this is going, but it needs to get there a lot faster. The pacing is for shit, languid and tepid and lacking any urgency.¬†Haphazard implementation of ideas. A three issue fight with X-Force culminates in an offhanded, anti-climatic ending… its just silly.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good

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