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HULK #14

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  1. Look, it’s lil’ Jeph playing with action figures again. I wanna watch.

  2. Disappointed that there is a new artist but I love Loeb’s Hulk.  It’s refreshing to have a comic make you smile. Marvel doesn’t seem to make me do that much anymore.

  3. Loeb is writing Deadpool!?

    Does the man have no dignity!? ":(

  4. Loeb has no talent or dignity, really.

  5. hey hey no dp bashing 😛    i only got this for the deadpool cameo

  6. …is this really Ian Churchill art? It looks nothing like it

  7. This was so bad.

  8. Ian Churchill delivers an interesting variant of Ed McGuiness’s bold brand of art, and the story flies by in a good way.  Typical of the series so far, this issue was fun to read in a light-hearted way (e.g. it has action and character moments but it feels simple at the same time), and the characters were interesting.  I liked having the story narrated by the Red Hulk, it added nicely to the mystery plot.

  9. It’s not lighted-hearted. It’s garbage.

  10. To you possibly, but not to myself or other people.  Funny how personal opinion works huh?

  11. I am going to have to stop torturing myself with this book. Now that Greg Pak does Incredible there is no reason to read Loeb’s. Im sure if anything important happens in his book it will cross over into Pak’s. Also, why is Churchill apeing McGuinness? I know he is good but Churchill has a great style all his own. Plus, why copy McGuinnesses style when he has done the cover in his own style? Odd.

  12. I was shocked to find that this wasn’t awful.  Although Pak’s Incredible was much better. 

  13. I don’t understand…Frank Castle compromises for the Red Hulk?  And didnt Thundra fight him a few issues back?  Elektra…?  My head hurts, and you say this is simple and light hearted? 

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