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  1. Trapped in a house with no books, newspapers or TV? All they need to add is some drunk idiots & loose women with the brains of door knobs, and it sounds like Supernatural Big Brother.

    I’ll be reading this … it looks good in the previews. Hopefully it lives up to the hype!

  2. Yeah, I’ll be picking this up too.  I just feel like I’m beginning to put all my eggs into too few baskets.  Pretty much everything I get anymore is written by Willingham, Johns, Bendis, or Brubaker.  I need to start branching out more.  I do hold out hope that this will be good though.

  3. I didn’t pick this one up, but paged through it in the comic shop.

     WEIRDNESS!  The fly on girl scene was a bit too much for me.

  4. The fly story was so awesome!

  5. Have they released any preview art for future issues? I love the art in the framing sequence, but if Willingham gets cream-of-the-crop rotating artists to do his backup stories (as in this first issue), this could be fantastic. And since the writing on Jack of Fables has been muddy/meandering, hopefully, the forced structure of HoM will keep everyone more focused. I’d love to see Joshua Middleton do a story. He has been woefully mis-used ever since he went DC exclusive.

  6. This was completely fun.

  7. my pick of the week but that scene with the little baby flies.. o man… cringe cringe cringe!!!

    @FablesBroughtMeBack: Joshua Middleton would be PERFECT for one of these stories.  Good call! 

  8. This was a pretty good read. Hopefully the continuing "framing" story will be enough to keep people on board so this doesn’t suffer the same fate that anthology titles usually do.

  9. The backup story kind of reminded me of Wasteland, a pre-Vertigo DC horror anthology from… 1989/1990? That series was hit and miss, but still worth reading, and well-worth tracking down for cheap if you can. I don’t think it was ever collected in trade. 

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