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I had no idea that this book was coming out until I saw it
somewhere in the top 5 or 10 most pulled books for the week and I was like
“what the heck is this”. After going and looking it up (Vertigo put
out a very good sneak peek that sold me this book) I was extremely excited for
it and I am glad to say I loved it.
I think this has the potential to be the next great series to come out of
Vertigo. That said it is very much a Vertigo title and is clearly not for
everyone. It is very reminiscent of some of my favourite moments out of Neil
Gaiman’s “Sandman” Series, with the ties that it makes to Cain and
Abel and the dreaming. I feel that the story itself can remain fresh for a very
long run as long as they keep the focus on the characters in the House and what
they are dealing with, if it gets too caught up in the stories that they are
telling it will risk becoming simply a platform for Sturges and Willingham to
tell random stories. This could work for some time but would become repetitive
and boring after a while. Luca Rossi’s art was amazing in this book it captured
the emotion of the characters perfectly. The only thing that made this a
slightly less than perfect reading experience was Willingham’s story (which
also had very good art by Ross Campbell) made me gag a little.

I also wanted to mention that this is my first exposure to
both Sturges and Willingham. Fables has been on my “must read” list
for a very long time now and reading this might just push it to the top.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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