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A troubled soul, set upon a path of vengeance he does not understand. An assassin without equal, trained in the most secret of killing techniques. A flesh and blood spectre, haunting the killers of the world. A monkey…with a gun. Bear witness as the legend is born.

Only available in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

Written by: Daniel Way
Art by: Dalibor Talajic

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


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  1. Someone at marvel really seems to love monkeys.

  2. aka Wade_Wilson’s pick of the week. 🙂

    I’m curious to try this out, if my LCS gets it. Sadly it is a bit too early, or Deadpool is too late, cause the solict sounds like it was suppose to come after #19 this month. Oh well that’s not gonna bog me down: It’s a monkey as a hitman! What more do you want!?

  3. Only because of the name and the cover am i getting this lol

  4. If my LCS has it i’ll get it.   Sounds hilarious.  but i’ve still been very on the fence with Mr. Dway.

  5. "Only available in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited"

    Excuse me? 

  6. I’m staying far, far away from this one.

  7. huh? Say what Hit Monkey? yeah yeah sign me up… but forget about that Doctor Voodoo title.

  8. You’d wonder if it was inspired by the semi-popular internet meme. 😉

  9. yeah…picked it up and just couldnt bring myself to do it.

  10. This was a lot of fun

  11. If this comic had a vagina, I would marry it.

  12. I’m awfully interested. Worth it?

  13. This was executed beautifully. I feel bad about all the negative things I have said about Way’s writing for the past few years, as he’s proven to be a brilliant comedy writer. I highly suggest this.

  14. Good fun read, and not as ridiculous as it sounds.

  15. Fantastic issue and my POTW.

    Just hilarious to read on how serious this was. @comicbookchris is right; Way is brilliant at comedic writing. Maybe he isn’t so hot on action or ‘serious’ comic books. But time and time again he shows how fantastic he is as a comedic writer. I just love how quick the monkey was able to learn kung-fu and guns. How can he hold a gun with no thumbs? Also, Dalibor Talajic is an amazing artist. One of the best new artists in my opinion.

  16. So many great lines & panels.

    The panel where the monkeys look at Hit-Monkey with shame, one holding his bloody mouth. Their eyes huge with shock & disappointment.

    The very last panel. Hit-Monkey dragging a bag filled with guns through the snow.

    Comedy gold. 


  17. My lcs guy summed it up well. Kind of like 300 but with a monkey and guns

  18. @wade – The panel where Hit-Monkey doesn’t even have to look at the mutha fuckaz as he blast them in the face? Awesome. Nobody duel wields like Hit-Monkey! Nobody!

  19. I am ashamed to admit how much I enjoyed this issue. It was pretty good. I could have read a full three-issue mini! Great art, great writing, fantastically hysterical! 4/5 for me.

  20. @Prax-Everyone loves monkeys, ain’t nothing to be ashamed about.

  21. @TNC Monkeys have thumbs.

    I didn’t feel this book at all. But I’m glad others seem to have dug it. 

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