It’s two issues in one month – and both star Spider-Man!

Which Captain America foe is kicking Paladin’s teeth in? Will the wall-crawler help a mercenary? And is Spider-Man for hire?

Find out as the mysteries from the opening issues collide in the new story arc of the book that IGN.com calls “a wholly successful debut…with panels that pop off the page!”

Story by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Brad Walker & Drew Hennessy
Colors by Jay David Ramos
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Doug Braithwaite, Rob Schwager, Harvey Tolibao & Morry Hollowell

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Hated the way the first arc ended, but I loved the story.  Looking forward to this new arc. I’m not a typical Spider-man reader, so this could be fun.

  2. @ misterckent – I agree 100%. This series started excellently, but just went down hill at issue 4.

  3. I really love this series.

    What do spidey’s webs spell this week?

  4. I’m not sure on this series, if this arc isn’t good, it’s leaving my pull list.

  5. @Abjekt:  Seconded.  I think it’s the constantly rotating cast and inconsistent art that are preventing this series from really grabbing me.  I love a lot of these B-listers, but they don’t get enough play to keep me coming back.

    If a Cap foe is “kicking” someone, it can only be… BATROC ZE LEAPAIR!

  6. The previous two issues turned me off. Adkins’ art wasn’t horrible, but isn’t my cuppa tea.

  7. The art in the last two issues looked like the wax museum versions of our hired heroes. They had no life in them on the pages. We need an artist with energy. It’s good to see that Walker is back.

  8. The fill in art was definitely rough.  Hopefully the book will have most consistency in that department going forward.

    I also concur that the first arc fizzled out.  It was an interesting initial twist but the whole Puppetmaster thing didn’t pay off.  You had awesome moments like Moon Knight fighting a dinosaur and they have a good handle on Paladin but overall it wasn’t DnA’s best work.  Here’s hoping the next bit is better.

  9. I need to start reading these, and decide whether this title is gonna stay on the pull list. Still need #2!

  10. I think sometimes DNA work themselves too thin. They have way too many books going simultaneously. Heroes for Hire, Annihilators, Soldier Zero, they were doing Iron/Thor and Infestation for IDW, and now they are doing New Mutants, and also Wonder Woman and Lois Lane for Flashpoint.

  11. Yeah, this isn’t for me. I was super into it the first couple’a issues, but since then it’s really taken a mosedive. I’ll just get my DnA in Annihilators this week.

  12. One of those artists can NOT draw Misty Knight. Loved the story and I loved Abnett and Lanning’s Spiderman but half the time the art was abominable.

  13. that was a great lkast page, this felt like a spidey guest star that was actually worth it

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