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As the world descends into chaos around him, Herc and his unlikely myth-villain allies fight to save his new home of Brooklyn from being consumed by the fear being sown by the witchcraft of Hecate. Will Herc keep his wits and save the day, or will his newly depowered nature make him all the more susceptible to Hecate’s terrifying powers?

It’s magic and mayhem of unprecedented levels in this thrilling new issue from Marvel “Foremen” Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente!

Story by Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Art by Neil Edwards & Cory Hamscher
Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I’ve been enjoying this book maybe a bit more then others. Although I do admit if it doesn’t pick up steam in a bit I might drop it. This book definitely suffered by only having two issues of set up and then immediately tailspinning into an event tie-in.

  2. This run has been up and down for me, mostly up. 

    @TNC: Sorry to crush your hopes but I believe Herc is showing up in Spider-Island next. Looks like he might turn into a book like Thunderbolts that tends to hop around to other events and books. 

  3. @Avistann Damn! I forgot he was going into Spider-Island…..I’ll probably give one issue of THAT tie-in and judge it then.

  4. I had my worries about a ‘de-powered’ Hercules in the Marvel U but this has quickly turned into one of my favorite books. I really like what they’re doing with Herc.

  5. I am definitely dropping this series when the story arc ends, which will most likely be next issue. This is just a boring story and the magic is totally gone from Pak/Van Lente on this character.


  6. I’ve been reading Herc since World War Hulk and I’m sad to say that after the Fear Itself tie ins I am letting this one go.  Whatever it was that made this book so special after World War Hulk (Amadeus Cho?) is gone and Pak and Van Lente don’t seem to care.

  7. This book seems to be getting better I felt the tie ins really didn’t help this title coming so soon after launch. I really hope this title can stand on its own also if Amadeus can return from time to time.

  8. i really liked The Incredible Hercules story arc.I’m thinking about picking this book up.I’m not sure how it will be if Herc does not have any of his legendary strength.

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