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  1. Looking forward to this, but how can you top the reveal in the last issue?

  2. The reveal last month was epic. Can’t wait to see how Mignola continues with this.

  3. for once, TNC, i agree

  4. I read too many fucking books. What was the reveal again?

  5. um, hellboy is King Arthur’s heir. So he’s the King of England.


    it would be so awesome if hellboy beat Elisabeth, charles, william and harry with his big hand, saying something like "how do you like that shit, bitch"

  6. I would’ve loved to be in the room when this concept first occured to Mignola

  7. he must have been taking a dump at buckingham palace when a light went off above his head.

  8. I have NO IDEA where this booking is going next.  I love that.

  9. @edward.  Thanks.  That was a pretty sweet tie-in.  I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out.  I read "Once and Future King" and "Le Morte D’Arthur" about 30 times growing up.

  10. For anyone who’s wondering, the cover and promo copy is easily available at



    Not sure why iFanboy is having problems with the Dark Horse stuff lately. 

  11. I just realized I’m reading 3 Hellboy related titles. Wild hunt, BPRD 1947, and Witchfinder. And they’re all freaking good. YAY!

  12. What would you do in Hellboy’s shoes? SPOILERS 1) Raise the army (via the Sword) to defeat the immediate threat, thus increasing the probability that Hell will be set loose (by you). or 2) Don’t claim the sword and attempt to face the seemingly inevitable war without the army.

    Quite the conundrum.  


  13. This series is frustrating me quite a bit.

    I know people (like @stuclach) have told me there is more to come from this storyline. But the pacing of this makes no sense. Like, what is the purpose of this mini? To tell us Hellboy’s true origin or the Blood Queen coming back from the dead?

    This issue was just the same old ‘I dont wanna be a ruler of hell’ B.S. that we always get in every story. I know that’s the case with the character, but after the last issues bomb shell this just seemed to lazily move along. If I read this as a whole, which I will soon, I bet the pacing of this is really bad. Hiatus be damned. Disappointing issue for me to say the least in terms of story.

  14. @TNC – I can understand your frustration. (Your post reminds me of Paul’s thought provoking article from yesterday.) If you read my post above yours, you will see what I feel this issue did for Hellboy.  It presented a very specific decision for him to make.  I think this series will set up where the story of Hellboy is headed with long term repercussion.  For the first time Hellboy is given a reason to take one of the steps that could lead to him unleashing hell.  If he takes the sword he can fight an urgent threat, but moves one step closer to ruling hell.

  15. @stuclach: Well it is a conundrum for the character (you dont see that word often enough btw). But it’s the same shit we’ve been getting for years now. Hellboy is a simple story to get ahold of, but with this ‘war’ coming I think the idea of him being King Arthur’s heir is totally out of place. It’s a fucking big deal to know his true origin, but it seems to have no legit place for this mini.

    I just think Mignola put too much on the table for this. Instead of wasting time on the Blood Queen slowly coming back; the idea of Hellboy’s true nature should’ve been brought up first. Have the Queen come back towards the end to make the next mini mean something. We seemed to have rushed to get to this point when Mignola had all the time in the world to do so.

  16. @TNC – I agree that this would have worked better an two 4 issue minis.  Mr. Mignola said the same thing at Dragon*Con this year.

    I think this is different from much of the rest of Hellboy’s mythology because he is now faced with a situation where taking the route that will likely lead to him leading hell is also the route that gives him a better chance to defend humanity from the army of witches (if I’m understanding the story correctly).  This is the first time (that I recall) where there has actually been a positive associated with moving down that path.  He can reasonably argue he is doing what is best for all of us by going down the (potentially) dark path.

    Suppose you were present with these options: Raise an army of the dead to defeat a currently invading army of aliens knowing that the dead may one day destroy all of humanity or don’t raise them and take your chances against the overwhelmingly powerful aliens (I think I just wrote an issue of Fear Agent).  Which would you do?  I find that question interesting.

  17. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Enjoy the rainbow. 

  18. @Paul – I can taste the rainbow.  It is unpleasantly sugary.

  19. @stuclach: It is an interesting question, that’s not what I’m debating though. I’m just question why the pacing of this was so off but you have answered it already. He felt to make this an eight issue mini and not two seperate arcs. If he did the latter, he probably could’ve paced this better and lead the story for 2010 into an interesting era. Instead I’m just left with scratching my head with why he decided to release the story the way it is. Would’ve love to hear his explaination of going into eight straight issues and not two arcs like Mignola wanted.

    But it’s just me asking this pretty much. Everyone else has enjoyed this mini for what it has been. Can’t say that is a bad thing; just wish I could enjoy it the same way.

  20. ARRGHH, why is hellboy dong all these things that are in character and make up the classic mythos of the character!! What is going on?!


    and why is Spiderman still having girl troubles? Why is Batman sad about his parents? And why is superman lonely? 



  21. @TNC – I hope the eighth issue pulls it all together for you.

  22. @stuclach: I hope so too, but considering after this mini I have to wait an entire year for more….I doubt it.

  23. I don’t mind the "slow" pace at all.  I’ve spent a lot of time catching up on all the previous Hellboy stuff, and I’ll be spending the next however many years reading whatever Mignola puts out.  Its a hell of a story and I’m in no rush to finish it

  24. @Paul lol, you should make all of your posts ‘big picture’ themed for the next week.  I think that would be a very appropriate compliment to your article:p

  25. Okay after being so negative I do find something great about this comic.

    Fegredo might be the best artist to grace this series. Now I like other artists who’ve done the series in the past; whether it bit a short story or a seperate arc (like Corben). But he’s done some of the best pencils in comics right now. He definitely deserves some type of an award for all of this great work the past two years. Same goes for Dave Stewart, who just won a Harvey Award, he’s always been fantastic with this series.

  26. Epic.

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