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  1. Alright, I bitch and bitch and bitch some more about the dumb hitaus. No more my good friends!

    Going to judge this series as is and hopefully it picks up steam. It better, we only have three issues left.

  2. @TheNextChampion – Mike Mignola (along with his editor) actually admitted at a Dragon*Con panel this weekend that the gap was because the artists (I believe they mentioned Mr. Fegredo by name) work rather slowly and that they realized they should have split this into two miniseries.  He also said that this is meant to be the second part of a trilogy of Hellboy volumes.  Darkness Calls was the first part, this is the second, and two minis next year are the third (they split the third to avoid the delay that occured in this one).

    He basically apologized to the audience for the delay.  He also said he is going to try to do more drawing next year because that is his first passion.  He came off as a very passionate man, who is also a bit of a perfectionist.  (He also did a little bashing of the second Hellboy film.  Particularly the "troll" market scene.)

  3. @stuclach: Wow, that says a lot coming from him. But I swear Fegredo got out Darkness Calls in issues without any hiccups. Maybe Mignola asked a bit too much for this mini?

    Either way that really is a class act for apologizing for the delay. You don’t see that often, usually they just quickly say sorry without any remorse. Did you have brunch with this man or did you really egg him on for answers? (I thought he didn’t like what went down with Hellboy 2 in some ways. That was not a film where Mignola had some creative feedback)

  4. @TNC: so you’re going to read the book and then judge it on the quality of the actual work?

     no, come on, dude, keep judging books on thing you have imagined. why change a winning formula?


    anyhow, it’s crasy that the regular hellboy series has less pulls than the B.P.R.D. spin-off series, hey? 

  5. @TNC – No, I didn’t get to chat with him personally (he was never at his booth in artist alley when I stopped by).  He did a Hellboy panel (entitled "Give ’em Hellboy") and mentioned it when discussing the future of the franchise.  It was actually rather unsolicited.  It was an interesting panel and drew a rather large crowd.

    Based on what he said about the films, it seems he did get to give some creative feedback in both films and that Del Toro simply chose to take more control over the second film.

    @edward – That is odd.  I guess the delay hurt pulls on this book more than I would have expected. 

  6. @stuclach: Wish I was at that Con. Would’ve love to see him talk truth about some of his work.

    @edward: I don’t know if your egging me on purpose or it’s reverse psychology.

  7. @TNC: no, mate. just joshing


    @Stuclach: i think it has more to do with Gabrial Ba than the delay

  8. I love hellboy but i always forget what happened in the last issue no matter the delay, I always remember it halfway through and then reread it. Its the most frustrating book for me to read but always awesome, damn you mignola!

  9. Even if this was split into two mini-series, I would find this still boring.

    It’s Hellboy fighting demons and learning his true destiny….yadda yadda yadda. I know that sounds wrong but seriously; take away the lateness and this would be very by the numbers.

  10. @TNC: i don’t know where to start… take away the lateness? it wasn’t late. it was always going to be delayed. And yes, you’re right, it is about hellboy fighting demons but that is Hellboy. What did you exspect? Moby Dick? The omenious nature of Hellboy’s true destiny is the basic concept of the character…. that‘s why it’s interesting


    plus you read deadpool

  11. @edward: I know it’s what Hellboy books are mostly about. I just wish there was somewhat of a bigger change in this then Darkness Calls. It’s basically the same idea but with a much scarier villain.

  12. @TNC – It was a very enjoyable con.  A little too crowded for my taste, but that is to be expected.

    @Edward – You are probably right about Ba’s art.  I had forgotten about that. 

  13. @TNC It’s not over yet, is it.

  14. This issue is a HUGE deal. What a crazy revelation! And that last panel is spectacular. 

  15. Well this issue shut me up.

    Very very close to my pick. Paul’s right, the revelation in this is crazy but it’s also very huge! I couldn’t believe my eyes when Morgan told Hellboy who he really is.

    Fantastic issue it really was fantastic.

  16. This really has to be mentioned on the next show. This is a stunning revelation that floored me. Now he is the King of a tv network. A&E 😉 First Disney, then DC Entertainment, now when find out Hellboy has a second crown to wear. Changes everywhere!

  17. THE FUCK?

  18. I really enjoyed this issue though I can’t help but think it shouldn’t have taken 6 issues to get here.  This series has made me realize I enjoy this comic a)more when reading in trades and b)infinitly more when Mignola is drawing.

    I love Arthurian Legend.  This is a very cool change for Hellboy.  It opens up so many possibilities.

    Mr. Mignola said the Hellboy universe was going to undergo some massive changes in this and the next arc at Dragon*Con this weekend.  Looks like he was right. 

    @Spoons – Mr. Mignola also said that is miniseries really should have been two 4 issue series, so this would have been the second issue of the second mini.  That would have been a better strategy. 

  20. @Stuclach – The problem is that if you split them up you are left with the, in my opinion, extremely slow first half.  That still doesn’t get around the problem of having no Mignola art.

  21. @Spoons – I agree to an extent, but the second arc would have been blockbuster as a stand alone (in my opinion).

  22. @stuclach: I wonder why Mignola didn’t decide to make this two seperate minis?

    Cause I mean, this is a shocking issue already, but if it came out the way he probably wanted too then it could’ve been more shocking!

    Does this reveal make sense across all of the other Hellboy stories? Like if I read Right Hand of Doom or another class tale….does this make perfect sense? I know in Conqueror Worm there was an alien explaination. So that doesn’t hold weight now.

  23. @skeets 

    A&E = American tv network Arts and Entertainment. In this case, Hellboy is King of the Apocalypse and now King of England. It was a joke.

  24. @Roland – Ummm… that was just my reaction to the comic not what you posted.

  25. @skeets – oh sorry, I thought you were looking at me when you said "THE FUCK," but it is suddenly apparent that I haven’t a clue where you were looking when you said that. Sorry.

  26. @TNC – That is an interesting question.  At the same session at Dragon*Con Mr. Mignola said that the pieces of Hellboy’s history that we have gotten in his books have all been told from the point of view of the character telling the story.  Each of the characters Hellboy interacts with knows only a part of his life/origin story and often twists the rest of it to fit his/her needs.  That means that each bit of his history we have seen contains a bit of truth, but also gets filtered through the storyteller’s perception.  Given that interpretation, I think everything that happens in this issue can fit with what happened in past issues.  If Hellboy is able to pluck that sword out of that stone, then we know that at least one part of what we have been shown is probably true, but that doesn’t necessarily contradict anything from past books.

    I am increasingly happy that I attended Dragon*Con and specifically that panel.  Mr. Mignola really opened my eyes to how deep the Hellboy mythos actually is. 

  27. Understanding that History lies in the mind of those who tell it: His Story.

    Will he take the sword? Will it slide out of the stone? Is it a trap laid by the witches? What is his true story? Those are awesome cliffhangers. With Fegredo and Corben on art duty, I really don’t miss Mignola on interiors. His covers are perfect.

  28. @rockingeek – I agree. If we keep getting stories like this, Mignola doesn’t have to do interior work to keep me buying.

  29. @stuclach: That is an interesting take with the different origins. Cause it does explain the more bizarre aspects of the stories he’s been told. Maybe the aliens just keep an eye on him because of the power he could yield with the sword. I’m sure Mignola is going to explain it more fully either in this mini or next year’s mini.

    Also, if Hellboy takes the sword and becomes the proper ruler….Does that mean Hell controls Britian now?

  30. @TNC – No, because Hell doesn’t control Hellboy.

  31. @stuclach: But isn’t their an overlord for Hell that is trying to get at Hellboy? Or is he just a guy trying to coax him into being leader?

  32. @TNC – My (admittedly limited) understanding of the Hellboy mythos is that he is determined not to follow the dark destiny he is expected to fulfill.

  33. I highly recommend the recently updated Hellboy Companion book offered at most fine booksellers. You can read encyclopedic character bios and sort out the murkier continuity. 

  34. I picked that companion book up at Dragon*Con this weekend.  Mignola mentioned during the panel that he uses it constantly and that it was created to help them and then they decided to sell it.  I felt obligated to pick it up.

  35. I didn’t think I would need that companion but obviously I do. This is a lot of complicated story considering how simple Mignola seems to write this.

    Thanks for the suggestion Paul! (First time we’ve agreed on something in months)

  36. Wow that is a huge change. I love it.

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