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Hellboy has a very easy formula:

He gets into a situation. Loses the first battle. Fights his way into getting back into finding the main villain. Learns his ‘true’ destiny. Fights the person who states his ‘true’ destiny. Eventually finds the main villain and kills it. Throw in a couple of ‘oh crap’ in-between these sentences and you got a Hellboy story.

Here I was going to go back into the Hunt and get bored as I was last issue. For the first five issues (hitaus be damned) this was turning into another generic story. At least for a character like Hellboy it was getting generic. An issue of Hellboy is better then a lot of what mainstream comics will produce. But still I was getting really close to huffing my way out of this universe. That is until I read this particular issue. Especially when we finally, FINALLY, get to read his true origin.

When you get to the part where Morgan Le Fay tells Hellboy who he is and what he has to do. My jaw literally dropped and I had to put it back on. I also had to drop the comic to double think this and process if this could be just another ruse for a villain to come into play. But the more I think about it, even when writing this review, Mignola totally hooks me back into this universe. Hellboy’s true origin makes perfect sense and when you read older Hellboy tales it helps makes this origin more believable. If I’m talking too much about this origin then forgive me, but then again that’s basically the whole issue for this.

I was ready to throw in the towel with Hellboy. I was ready to just give up on this series and wait for the trade just to see the ending. But goddamn you Mike Mignola. Goddamn you that you can totally write a shocking issue that makes me back to the uber fan of the character I was before. I forgive you for hating on you before and now I am sold for the rest of this mini. This was an amazing issue overall and if your a fan of Hellboy….you MUST READ this issue.

(I guess that means the alien premise we saw in Conquerer Worm is pretty false)

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Check out my response in the main thread.  The results of this issue do not necessarily imply that what you read in Conquerer Worm is false.

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