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  1. It looks like this is where ‘Darkness Calls’ left us off. Cant wait for this, the more Mignola advances this epic story the better it gets. This Queen must be serious if she can make daytime ‘weep’. Then again, nighttime was more of a man then that wimp of a daytime.

  2. enjoyed the last big arc, Darkness Calls, cain’t wait to get my hands on this

  3. 8 parts? thats has to be the longest hellboy arc ever

     this could be big bickies!  

  4. TNC @ When you say "this epic story" you mean, what was started in Darkness Calls, earlier or the whole Hellboy serie in general?

  5. I think I’m going to jump back on Hellboy with this arc.  Or… do you guy recommend buying the Darkness Calls trade before reading this?

  6. @Odds: Definitely read ‘Darkness Calls’ cause it’s pretty much set right after that story arc.

    @Tittom: I’ve noticed Mignola has set this story up very slighty with everything he’s done related to Hellboy. The elf and fairy king was a huge factor with this queen coming. The little monster from ‘The Corpse’ who is now a pig monster released the king. Plus the bunch known as the ‘Wild Hunt’ I believe was mentioned before in another series.

  7. @TNC: Would you happen to know which series in which ‘Wild Hunt’ was mentioned, I’d like to check it out along with re-reading ‘Darkness Calls" in anticipation for this story arc.

  8. @Revolutionary: Cant say that I know what it is from, it could’ve been mentioned in BPRD for all I know. I just remember it vividly from reading one of Mignola’s Hellboy U books. But definitely everything in this series should be connecting a lot of earlier stories. So this will definitely feel good for those who’s picked up every single Hellboy story since he debut.

  9. Honestly , I finally jumped on Hellboy with Chapel of the Moloch. I was going to keep going with it, but after reading this I’m having second thoughts. I always thought that Hellboy was a series of self-contained minis. Should I catchup first or just keep steamin’ on?

  10. @Dave: Try and pick up the rest of the Hellboy books for two things:

    A) Cause it’s one of the best comics put out in the modern era.

    B) There are glimpses of other stories going into this. Probably the trade ‘Chained Coffin and Other Tales’ and ‘Darkness Calls’ are the best to read before this. Definitely after Darkness Calls does Mignola start to write major Hellboy stories in chronological order.

    *Oops: I thought the Wild Hunt was part of the Makoma story a long way back. I’ll admit I was wrong here, Wild Hunt is a completely new element in this universe. Sorry for the mix up there guys*

  11. So far i’ve been reading Hellboy in trades, and it’s one of my favorite series i’ve read, but i’ve never read it in issues.  does anyone think it’s better in either format? b/c i’m not sure whether to jump on right away or wait for the trade.

  12. great series.

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