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With her tower in ruin, and her body a vessel for the Ogdru Jahad, the Queen of Blood shows no mercy to Hellboy as their final battle meets a stunning conclusion!

The conclusion of the epic story that began in 2007’s Darkness Calls.

“Everything in Hellboy for the last ten years or so has been building to something big-and this could be it. I can’t wait.”
– Comic Book Revolution

Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Duncan Fegredo
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover: Mike Mignola

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. I wonder what Mignola will have in store for Hellboy after he ‘dies’?

  2. spoilers?

  3. I’m very excited, being a longtime Hellboy reader, this is something i’ve been waiting for. Hopefully it’s pulled off well.

  4. Spoiler: Can’t wait to see Hellboy kick Hell’s ass.

  5. First off, @TNC I feel like breaking your legs because I read that yesterday. Secondly, epic.

  6. @OnASunday  It was spoiled on the site two days ago!

    This was my POTW. God lord how gorgeous was this book? So god damn gorgeous….I want more of this! I tell ya what though, what got me most excited for this was the final page. It showed only one creator for the new 2012 run: ‘Mignola’. Fuck yea.

    5/5 (POTW) 

  7. @TNC I was avoiding spoilers fucker

  8. @OnASunday No need for names. Also, considering how this book ends he isn’t technically dead.

    ….Well he is dead, but we’re still gonna follow him.

  9. Yea I was trying to avoid spoilers too, but I think with all the foreshadowing storywise(Nimue took his crown), and the cover(HB lost his red) Helboy’s death wasn’t that big of a shock. But HOW he went, and what the future holds made my mouth gape, and then salivate with anticipation. Great review TNC, I agree, POTW. Although it was a tough battle w/ Criminal, Tec, and Unwritten doin work this week. What a great week! 

  10. i think my favorite thing about this title is that its so consistanty good.  ive never read a bad hellboy story, granted i havent read them all, but quite a few.  and for all of you avoiding spoilers, why would you go to a site where people are talking about the ins and outs of a book?  maybe you should avoid the comment section, just a thought.  cant wait for hellboy in hell.  oops!  i hope everyone reading knew he was going to hell.  perhaps i should have gave a spoiler alert.  oh well.

  11. I’m just happy that wasn’t the end of hellboy. Whew! I was really bummed by the thought. Can’t wait til the next mini!

  12. This was so sad. I felt like my world was ending.

  13. I was so happy that this was not the end.

  14. My pick this week was too damn hard. It came down to this and Tec’. I ended up picking this in a week where all 5 of my comics I read were 5 stars without hesitation. A fantastic week!

    Can’t wait for Hell in 2012.

  15. Great end to the story. So many books leave without a resolution. This one did and I can’t wait for 2012 to read “Hellboy in Hell”.

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