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  1. Richard Corben art + Hellboy story set in the Appalachians = a miniseries I can’t resist

  2. Is this the new series? Cause I finished Darkness Calls and I was hoping this was the continuation of it. I wanna know who the hell is inside that damn box!

  3. @NextChampion–that’s Hellboy for yah, we will probably never find out what was in the box…

    This should be another great Hellboy arc…still one of the most underappreciated titles out there

  4. I read everything hellboy.

    But I always hold out for the trade.

    But I may jump on to issues if their are no ads.

  5. Oh sweet Corben is on this run! I loved the ‘Makoma’ story, it was really an underrated tale of him dreaming about Africa. Plus Corben’s art is amazing! I’m still wondering if this is a continuation of Darkness Calls, but considering this looks like a flashback tale….and it’s only 3 issue miniseries, I guess not.

  6. I’ve never bought a Hellboy comic in my life… but I recently watched the first film and enjoyed it (so obviously now I’m eagerly anticipating the second) and I’m wondering if I can pick up this miniseries without much knowledge of the character and universe?

  7. I don’t think it’s a continuation of Darkness Calls, it’s a self-contained story. In the back of last week’s BPRD one-shot, Scott Allie (Hellboy/BPRD editor) mentions that Mignola will be drawing and writing a new Hellboy arc this fall…perhaps that will pick up at the end of Darkness Calls?

  8. @bigsime22 – I think you can probably pick up this miniseries if you haven’t read Hellboy before as it will be a self-contained story. That being said, I highly recommend checking out the first trade (Seed of Destruction) to get an idea of what a "definitive" Hellboy story is…in addition to writing the early stories, Mignola did all the art and his style definitely contributes to the ominous, foreboding tone of the Hellboy universe, IMO.

  9. I tend to not be as interested in the longer arcs. They tend to dwell more on the over-arching mythology than I prefer. I LOVE the short adventures. So I love "The Chained Coffin & Others" trade the most.

    It’s just a collection of a bunch of short one-and-done adventures, and they’re great!

  10. This is the first Hellboy comic I ever read, my only exposure previous to this is the movie.  I’ve heard how different the tone is in the comics, and they weren’t kidding.  I really liked this though, I’m looking forward to the next 2 issues

  11. Holy crap this was good. The panel of the witch riding the near-dead horse was one of the creepiest images I’ve seen in recent memory.

  12. This was my first Hellboy comic, I wanted to read it after reading B.P.R.D. the Ectoplasmic Man and now cosider me hooked

  13. This was my first Hellboy comic too after someone recommended it to me over on the forums. What an amazing issue! Like others, I am now hooked! Everyone needs to read Hellboy.

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