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  1. If this is even remotely as enjoyable as The Crooked Man then it will be worth $3.50.

  2. ^

    Hell ya!

  3. Reading Hellboy was the greatest decision of my life.

  4. Richard Corben + Mike Mignola + Hellboy= Comic Goodness

  5. yeah, nah, i’m not overly excited by Corben. i’m not sure about this issue yet

  6. Corben is awesome. Didn’t even know this was coming out!

  7. Corben rules. 

  8. HUZZAH!

  9. I was looking forward to this since the Sugar Shock issue. Finally.

  10. Being new to the Hellboy universe it’s hard to grasp the length of the breaks in time between arcs. This really crushes me considering how much I loved The Wild Hunt, the idea of a one shot really excites me though.

  11. i feel like the hellboy universe art style is very 2 demenisoinal with clear strong angular defined lines and posterised colours. Corbin renders his characters and environments with a too soft and rounded line.


    Plus hellboy looks more like a child with learning difficulties than a bad-ass demon when Corben draws him

  12. @edward – well we all have our tastes. I love the Mignola art, but also like the variety when an awesome artist like Corbin comes in. I kind of think it’s fun to see different styles. You also have to remember, Hellboy was a lot younger in the last arc they did. I know Demons don’t age like people, but still that could account for some of it.

  13. …. nah

  14. Richard. Fucking. Corben. 


    My perfect comic book: Howard the Duck/Man-Thing drawn by Corben and written by the ghost of Steve Gerber, with a backup story where Howard fights Dracula, drawn by Gene "Machine" Colan and printed without inks or color. Perhaps, if I live a good life, I’ll get to see it in whatever afterlife I face. Until then, Mignola writing and Corben drawing Hellboy will have to suffice. 

  15. Amazing issue. I like it how this wasn’t the usual ‘Good vs Evil’ match in this. Corben is also the god of Hellboy in my book. I wish he could stay on as permanent artist for the character.


  16. Very enjoyable.  A nice little one shot that doesn’t try to do anything with continuity, but is still able to give Hellboy some nice backstory.  Well done.

  17. Great artwork, and some pretty neat storytelling devices too- zooming in on the pin on the map, showing us where the case was going down. Laughed out loud when Hellboy hit the guy on the head with a bear trap…ouch.

  18. One wonders, though, why the Bride of Hell is drawn wearing a Motel 6 tericloth bathrobe throughout.

  19. Jk: Did not even notice that she was wearing the Motel 6 bathrobe. that gave me a laugh. What I loved about this issue and about the Hellboy/ Mike Mignola in general is that he does not sit on his laurels when it comes to themes like good versues evil. He challenges you to think about the norms of society and think about what is right and wrong in your eyes, not just how society views it. One of the funniest moments in this comic is when *spoiler (I think)  Asmodeus throws king solomon off the throne and then he is happy when he comes back*End Spoiler. I think that a moment like that typifies another reason why i love this series the humor. Mignola injects so much humor and history into it. I could rave and rant about this issue but i am going to leave it there. great pick up for anyone.

  20. @Razor: That’s like when Dr. Doom decided to stop being President when all of the politics bogged him down.

    That made me laugh too. 

  21. man, Richard Corban really really really doesn’t do it for me. why does each character he draws look like they have downe syndrome?

  22. @edward: LOL


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