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Mike Mignola + Richard Corben + Hellboy= Comic Goodness

These two guys work together like [insert generic pairing]. Working off from each other to make some magic in the comic industry. This little one shot has Hellboy, in the 1980’s, helping a young woman from being taken from a massive demon. Or is it more then that? Mignola adds in to the story to make it not the obvious ‘good vs evil’ and makes both side ambiguous.

Just as always, Corben’s style works perfectly for the character. He can create some pretty creative monsters and his action panels are pretty damn impressive. There is more talking and exposition in this then a fight, but it still looks pretty damn amazing every panel.

This was a nice little one-shot to end the year for Hellboy. I hope we see these two work together even more so in the future. Cause there is nothing like reading a Hellboy story with Corben as an artist.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Well said.

  2. One wonders, though, why the Bride of Hell is drawn wearing a Motel 6 tericloth bathrobe throughout.

  3. what do you mean "(insert generic pairing)"

    do they work well together or not? Generic doesn’t imply that they are better than average.

    English – learn it

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