Attention new readers: This shock-filled issue is a great jumping-on point! After last issue’s daring developments, learn what will impact our deadly duo next! What is Hawkeye’s new mission? Why is Mockingbird in the Savage Land? What secret is Dominic Fortune keeping? And who is the mysterious organization that is launching plans to destroy the lives of our troubled tandem? Time to leap on the rollercoaster that has Newsarama.com’s Best Shots raving “It’s lighthearted swashbuckling with romance and intrigue…Just like the skills of its titular heroes, this is a book you can’t miss.”

WRITER: Jim McCann
PENCILS: David Lopez
COVER BY: Paul Renaud

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. This is series has been downright incredible. The 2.99 price is even better

  2. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes now.

  3. I’m just waiting for confirmation that the series is actually coming back after the Widow Maker mini.

  4. I really hope this isn’t cancelled. It’s so damn good.

  5. I saw the preview to this issue and it KABLEWYs my mind! So good!

  6. I’m pretty sure I heard it is not coming back.  can’t remember the source.  but yes, a damn shame because this has been awesome and a second arc would have been nice to see.  especially since Jim had so much planned out for the book.

  7. Ah man, I was worried it would not last long.

  8. There was an interview with Tom Beevort on CBR saying that ‘the series will not return after Widowmaker’ or something to that effect.

    So sorry guys it sounds like it’s cancelled after this. 

  9. Hey guys!


    What Tom said is that H&M won’t be returning in this format after Widowmaker, but Widowmaker and what is coming AFTER it is still the story I wanted to tell in H&M.  News coming soon, but David Lopez & I aren’t done yet!  Keep pulling H&M 6, all of Widowmaker (and encourage your friends, too) because you’ll love what happens next!  🙂


    Keep reading!

  10. On the verge of dropping this book.  Need more Clint & Bobbi working things out, not trick arrows & 3rd tier villains & backup characters.

  11. @PozrDu- No way, man, trick arrows and little known villains are part of the reason I love this book. 

    @Jim-  Yes…yes, I will keep reading.  

  12. So looking forward to Widowmaker, but must get issue #6 first!!! A month is way too long to wait!

  13. Ah, just like how the story of Incredible Hercules continued into the Prince Of Power mini and then into Chaos War. Good to hear that the story that McCann and Lopez aren’t done yet!

  14. So happy this story will continue, even if not as this particular title. Cheers, Jim. Rock on.

  15. wait…WHAT?! NO! What the hell?!

  16. Thank goodness the story will continue! I’ve been super bummed since hearing that this book was going the way of the Iron Fist. Keep on writing killer books, Jim, and we’ll keep reading ’em!

  17. Throw Wolverine, Spider-Man & Spider-Women in the book! Then it’ll sell. Oh, how about a Deadpool crossover. ( Sigh ) this sucks.

  18. Jim – I loved these characters since I bought WCA #1 back in the day.  I loved your take on them.  It was perfect.  Looking forward to reading more from you.  Any chance of seeing a new West Coast Avengers series? 

  19. Very nice issue. Loved the Steve/Clint scene and the Dominic reveal. Something about the dynamic of Bobbi and Clint’s relationship just feels so authentic and realistic, even with these larger-than-life trappings. Can’t wait to read more!

  20. Liked the issue but you can really tell that a lot was crammed into it. Like the story is being cut short.

  21. This was my favorite issue of the series. All the different threads were interesting and I thought it all came together nicely.

    Didn’t feel nearly as rushed as the Atlas/Exiles/S.W.O.R.D book endings.

    Now, I’m officially upset that the series isn’t continuing.

    5/5 and my pick of the week.

  22. is it weird that seeing Skrulls again was so much fun?

    really great issue, can’t wait to read Widowmaker. 

  23. The Skrull thing was a big part of the mini that came before this book. So seeing that being addressed was so much fun.

  24. The Captain America stuff was awesome too!

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