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The events surrounding Kurt’s death are revisited, this time from the perspective of the mysterious Mirage, providing more insight into the birth of Haunt. An excellent jumping-on point for new readers, leading up to the second explosive story-arc beginning next issue!


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  1. Not pulling this. Sick of mercy pulls. I gave it 1-5 and it was just awful.

  2. I’m on the fence about continuing with this book as well but think that I am going to get this issue. Want to see the Capullo/McFarlane art.

  3. Same for me. After this issue I’m OUT. 

  4. There are times when I think I should drop this because the story so far has been a little underwhelming, but the art has been pretty sweet so I’ll probably stick it out for a little while longer.

  5. My feelings on this book is similar to my initial feelings on Astounding Wolf-man.  I wasn’t really into ASW at first or just not in the mood, but in the long run it turned out to be really good.  I’m willing to stick with Haunt for awhile longer.  Eventhough I’m not consistantly in the mood for the type of story I think its been a pretty solid book so far.  The only thing I really don’t like about it, is that stupid spiral logo.

  6. @jwaesch- are you talking about that thing on the box she is sitting on? There should be a sub-genre of the Comment of the Week thing, "Nit-pickiest comment of the week".

  7. I love it. It’s a dumb action movie, and a nice break from Blackest Reign, etc. I love Marvel and DC but every so often it’s nice to try something different.


  8. Depending on how this issue is, this could be my last. The capullo artwork could be awesome though. I loved hid work on Spawn and haven’t seen him on a monthly book in forever

  9. I’m also on the fence. Yet I wonder if it will be the same with Invincible and Wolf-man, where it gets better after issue 7 (granted Wolf-man has gone down in the current arch)

  10. The pencils on this were suprisingly weak which make
    me think that Ottley was originaly supposed to do finishes but couldn’t due to invincible. I’ll stick with this until at least next issue to see if I’ll keep pulling this.

  11. @mikeandzod21

    I think this is the issue they announced with all Capullo penciles even before they announced Ottleys departure. So I doubt Ottley was supposed to do the finishes. But we’ll never know for sure. 

  12. I thought the art looked awesome in this issue. It makes me feel like I’m back in 7th grade when I thought Spawn was the single greatest thing I had ever encountered. 

  13. Ottley is one of my favorite artist right now, but Capullo’s style really fits the tone of this book.  I think I’ll stick around for another arc and see how it goes.

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