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  1. Is this issue still coming out this week? Image’s website doesnt even have it on their schedule. here comes the delays…

  2. I believe it is.

  3. According to Diamond, it is coming out this week..

  4. My LCS got it on it’s shipping list, too.

  5. Didn’t #2 just come out a couple weeks ago? Seems soon for this.

  6. @mansuper: Never trust the company websites. Especially Image’s. It’s always incomplete.

  7. I’m diggin this title thus far and would like to see where it goes…

  8. Me too! I loved the 1st issue and enjoyed the 2nd, hopefully this issue will start to provide some more clues as to what is going on.

    I was foolish enough to drop other Kirkman books after the first arc, then realise my error, so I’m sticking with his for a while yet.

  9. @conor – thats sad…

     cant wait to read this issue this then!

  10. I’m really curious to see if this issue is like the big "game-changer" issues Kirkman imbued "Invincible" and "The Astounding Wolf-Man" with early on in their runs…

  11. @shonenRafa77,

    I’m sure they’re will be a game changer some where down the line, but it’s not this week. Though there is some great character moments, and some twists in the plot. I’ll be back next month, definatly.

  12. I give up. The gimmick of it has worn out. Rehash of stuff I’ve already read. Time to drop the book and use the money to buy a better one.


  13. It’s unoriginal, but I’m just having so much fun with it!That and I absolutely love the art on this book.

  14. Still awesome.

  15. It’s Spawn, take 2.

  16. Dropped.

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