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After three issues, this is the first time Haunt left me
coming out the other end eager for more. 
Ottley’s art’s been fantastic on this book throughout, but the
storytelling has been fairly clunky so far.  Odd for a Kirkman book, but I stuck it out anyway hoping it
would get better.  I do read
Walking Dead and Invincible in trades, but really feel like I miss out on
monthly Kirkman experience.  So as
poorly as this book has started out, I wanted to give it more of chance than I
might have otherwise, hoping that it would get better.


Kirkman’s storytelling is still a little rough in parts, but
it’s getting better.  I still don’t
connect with his protagonist now any better than I did with his lead in Battle
Pope, but the world he’s building now is somewhat more interesting than it has
been in the previous two issues. There are still moments that feel unpolished, like the
interrogation scene where the living brother conveniently proves the lingering
existence of the ghost of his dead brother to his captors in just a few panels,
but Kirkman is still able to take that cliched scene and turn it into something
slightly more real and jarring.


I would say for anyone who has dropped this book, it might
be worth another look.  I still
haven’t made my mind up on Haunt for the long term, but I’m now willing to give Ol’ Robbie a couple more months to make something happen.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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