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Trapped in a mob hospital at the mercy of the cold-eyed torture expert Smoothie and his team of dedicated sadists, the only hope for Nick Sax is Happy the Horse!

With three days to Black Christmas, can our unlikely duo stay together long enough to stop Pedo-Santa’s rampage?

Story by Grant Morrison
Art by Darick Robertson
Cover by Darick Robertson

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I liked the last issue but I didn’t love it. Hopefully this second issue renews my interest.

  2. Who else finds it funny that were going to read this on Halloween ?

    • Morrison is big on the power of symbols, so I could totally see it being no accident that issue 1 came out the week of Morrisoncon, issue 2 on Halloween, issue 3 (presumably) the week of Thanksgiving, and the final issue right before Christmas.

    • Oh god that makes sense.

    • Interesting. Is this coming out on Halloween intentional or is it just that the four months in which the issues come out just happen to each have some kind of big ‘event’ in them? Coincidence or not? Seems to neat for it to be a coincidence. But for me it is just all about the story in the comic counting down to Christmas. Then when when we finally get Christmas in the comic it is Christmas in the real world.

      Loving the variant covers on this series so far too!

  3. I want to give everything written by GM a chance, but this horse seriously turned me off.

    I’m really enjoying this…quite the page-turner for me.
    Morrison seems to be purposefully distracting the reader…Happy, the mob backstory, the poker game, the excessive F words…all I feel are an effort to draw my attention away from something deeper I have not yet discovered.
    A redemption story in the making?
    Oh, and…really? The only possible savior for these girls is an absolute scumbag like Sax?
    I’m really beginning to doubt their rescue….I love Morrison.

  5. Goddamn forgot to pick it up, hope it still there next week, my shop really doesn’t order much Image comics

  6. i love the blue horse. i love hating Sax and rooting for him at the same time, which is a first for me. this strange combination of conflicting feelings can only be achieved by a great writer. Morrison’s crime-noir is off to a strong start.
    5 stars.

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