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  1. I want my Rocket Raccoon plushie, and I want it now!

    Really loving this entire series, hopefully DnA can make this SI tie in enjoyable.

  2. I’m curious to see how the Guardians of the Galaxy title will be related to the Skrull invasion of Earth, but I love this book anyway, so I’m good. 

  3. Love this book and i like secret invasion but i am totally sick of all the tie ins.

  4. I have no idea why I love this book, but I totally do…

  5. I am also loving this book!

  6. Bought the last two issues. Liking, but not loving it. This one will be the one that helps me decide whether or not to stick with it. 

  7. the ONE book i was hoping didnt have an SI tie-in…oh well i love it nonetheless but i swear to go if Rocky or Star-Lord are skrulls heads are gonna roll

  8. Hopefully they Skrull off either Gamorra or Drax. Having them both is kinda redundant. And besides what ever happened to that kid Drax had hanging around him during the 1st annihilation?  

  9. i think drax is a good possiblity of being a skrull but than again, that may be too easy.

  10. I’ll review this tomorrow. Great series.

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