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I’ll keep it short cause any review you’ll see will be about the same.

I love this title, just as much as Nova right now (surprise, surprise; Abnett and Lanning writes that too). The characters work, we dont need to know a whole lot about them cause DnA do a great job making these people work without a lot of exposition. Of course Rocket Raccoon is one of the high points of the issue, but I’m also in love of the space dog Cosmo. It’s such a strange idea to have two main characters small animals…But they got enough personality where it works to this title.

This is an SI tie-in, but I must say it seems like we’re really rushing to get this group involved with the event. Even if I do know the characters, it’s hard to now who else is who cause there is going to be a lot of alien spieces that I’m not fimilar with that will most likely be involved here. Still this is one of the best looking and best storytelling in a comic. DnA has given us a reason to care about the cosmic side of the Marvel U, and even if this is a tie-in….there is enough here to enjoy yourself.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Is it just me or is Adam Warlock being written waaaay out of character? He talks a little too much like Nova for my liking, not like the mysterious character we’ve known for a long time. Wait, an unexplained change in behavior … you don’t think? Could he be …? Naaaaahhhh!

  2. I’ve been enjoying this book thus far, and normally cosmic characters really turn me off.  That being said, would it really have been too much to say since these guys are way out in space they are in no way caught up in SI?  This issue really stuck out, and broke up what until then had been a pretty nice flow.

  3. @RipperSix


    Your observations about Adam Warlock are dead-on. Warlock has been portrayed as cryptic, over-confident, sly, and bizarre, as he should be. The writers of Guardians of the Galaxy seem to have just taken this character and plugged him into the "generic team member" role.


    Heck, why not make Thanos into some libertine tea-sipper? How about the Living Tribunal as a sidekick to the Punisher (actually – that might work)?

  4. A Living Tribunal/Punisher team-up is loooooong overdue! It’s what this industry needs right now.


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