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  1. Buying this solely for Havok. I truly hope he’s in this issue and I’m not duped like last time!

  2. I’m jumping in!! 

  3. I’m buying this solely for Rocket…and Star-Lord…and Groot…and Bug…oh, I want everyone in it!  (Well, they could leave out Phyla and Moondragon…)

  4. This my be my favorite team book at Marvel now (especially since Cap Britain is almost done).

  5. I was going to stick to trades with this series, but you can’t put Black Bolt on the cover and expect me to wait for the story.  I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for Black Bolt.

  6. Absolute best Marvel book other than Captain Britain & MI-13. If you can sell me a Space Racoon, you are a solid storyteller.

  7. Why is he called Black Bolt anyway???? It dosent really represent his powers.

  8. @Aquaman: You’re going to love this.  Black Bolt’s real/full name is Blackagar Boltagon, so it doesn’t really have much to do with his powers….

  9. @aquaman I believe he was named Black Bolt and then given ill-defined never seen powers by Lee/Kirby. As Itiscritical says, his name was later revealed to be Blackagar Boltagon (Yes, I know…) to try and establish a reaason why his name has nothing to do with his powerset.

  10. @PrazJarvin & @Itiscritical

     lol ty! thats amazing. Blackagar Boltagon! *snicker*  * snicker*

  11. @Prax: Havoc’s not in this issue, so consider yourself warned…

    This is still a great story though!  Brad Walker impresses me more and more each week with his pencils.  The final splash page is amazing!

  12. This issue was sooooo good. The last page made me say out loud "Uwwwww you guys are in trooouuble!"

  13. Only the GoG could go in looking to neogtiate with both sides and end up making everything worse.

  14. My first issue and it was a blast!  I loved it.  Consider me on board for the forseeable future.  Give me more space dog please ^_^

  15. Awsome.


  16. @itiscritical D’oh! I should have looked here before hand. So… I like that the tie-in lead into last issue of War of Kings (ie Havok/Starjammers), but I was expecting this issue to deal with more of that. Still it was well written and I’m on for the rest of the WoK tie-in. But man, I love me some talking Russian Dog and Racoon. Seriously… kill the whole team and just have them! 3/5 from me. (Truth told closer to a 3.5-3.75)

  17. I haven’t read any of the War of Kings stuff, so this felt like coming into the middle of a movie, but I had no problem figuring out what was going on and who was who, and I was able to have fun reading it.  I thought some of the one-liners were funny–and there wasn’t so many of them that I didn’t get annoyed and I didn’t want to punch a character in the face like I do when I read other books (New Avengers).

    I definitely give it a 4/5. 

  18. Cosmo AND Lockjaw together?? Yes, please! Seriously, this is one fun book. And it’s all coming together in a delightfully slapstick way.

  19. Anyone else notice Warlock’s Hue??? He’s looking kind of purple.

  20. @JesTr-Yeah, the rest of the team picked up on that when he teleported back.  I just figured it was something covered in other issues.  Has that not happened before and does anyone think it will be touched upon later?

  21. This is becoming one of my favorite series of all time.

  22. This crossover is somehow worse than the Great Fables Crossover. This issue was the worst issue of any comic I have read in months. 

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