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  1. I only expect an amazing amount of awesome from this.

  2. Really not diggin that cover. I miss Langley.

  3. YES…YES…YES….YES!! but i do miss Pelletier

  4. I love this book. It’s the highlight of my month.

  5. I wish they would bring Mar-Vell back once and for all. A&L are just the guys to do it!

  6. Wasn’t thrilled about the story being one big long scene, with none of the other characters, but I’ll hope it eventually leads someplace.

    And yeah, the art’s not as good.

  7. Worst issue of GotG I’ve ever read. Not saying much seeing as how the rest of the series has been so amazing.

  8. @Ruo21 

    Agreed! No cosmo the space dog?? No cool!

  9. I loved this issue once I realized DnA had been doing the same thing from issue 1. I needed a break from the debriefing sequences. They realize not every issue can be a bunch of action and hijinks and this was a side of their story that had been neglected.

    Also, I laughed so hard at the Darkseid head in the background of some of the panels.

  10. @Ruo21: Pretty much my thoughts.  For Guardians, this was kinda weak.  But that just means it was only as good as, or slightly better than, most stuff I buy.

  11. Any interesting focus for an issue, but I agree, I miss the shifting plot lines. What the Groot?!

  12. Didn’t much care for this issue and the art was more terrible than Terrax.

  13. I love Groot! All he does is go around introducing himself =) I AM GROOT!

  14. The art was okay but not what I expect with this book.  The story was good but lacked the energy typical of the series, and after last month’s issue this felt very slow and far removed.  Not bad, but nowhere near as much fun as usual.

  15. i was totally sad i thought this was going to be more GoG but no…

  16. Fantastic Book but probably worst issue so far in GoG series, but obviously only using characters not in War of Kings, Abnett and Lanning are the best things going right now bar none.

  17. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the issue at first, but it turned out good. DnA had to eventually deal with the concept of Abstract Entities in a Marvel cosmic book and I feel they pulled it off.

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