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This felt like a huge detour from the incredible story I was reading. Star-lord is without a doubt the star of this series, with Rocket Raccoon a close second (and sometimes deserving that title). And for most of this series, I’ve loved the supporting cast. This issue convinced me that most of them can’t carry the book.

I like Phyla Vell and Drax, but their story works best three pages at a time weaving among the other stories. Drax is even a favorite of mine; the trade of the fantastic Keith Giffen mini sits proudly on my shelf. The ‘Annihilation Conquest: Quasar’ mini was a snore and I was even less interested in her dragon girlfriend… Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Perhaps the story shifted to give the regular artist time to get ahead in light of the upcoming event (War of Kings). The new artist was pretty good, albeit most of this issue was composed of brown desert and even browner cliffs, but it was missing that hyperkinetic energy I love most about the series.

This issue would have worked a lot better as a large format one-shot in the same vain as the countless Thunderbolts stories that were shoved down my throat a year or so ago. At least it wouldn’t have made me feel like I was missing out on another “I am Groot!”.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Great review, I totally agree. This issue felt a little like killing time until this crosses over into War of Kings. (I’ve actually felt that way about Nova for the past few months) This story definitely worked better when it was woven in with the other two or three ongoing plot threads. The team splitting up and doing their own thing was working really well until this issue. Now that he is re-grown there should never be an issue of Guardians without at least one I AM GROOT! Also why does Groot speak so eloquently in the Annihilation: Conquest series and now all he can say is I AM GROOT! This was never really explained. Ever since he was destroyed after taking down the Babel Tower that has been all he can say, does anyone know why?

  2. I was gonna review this issue, but I don’t have to because you basically said everything I was going to say. This is a book I look forward to every month, and I’m totally disappointed.

  3. I’m catching up slowly on Annihilation, but I am familiar with most of these guys from the 70s and 80s (Byrne on Star-lord, hell yeah!).  DA AL have done a great job, so, far of making this book extremely accessable for those of us who missed the boat with Annihilation.  Its one of my favorates and I am considering a I am Groot tattoo.  I love the little twig.

  4. I like this thread. There are at least three stories in GOTG now: the main team story with Star Lord and colleagues as they fight various and sundry bad guys, the Adam Warlock story in which he tries to convince the universal church that he is their messiah, and this story of the fate of Phylla-Vel and Drax.

    My only concern is that complicating the GOTG story to such a degree may put off some readers.

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