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  1. it took DC this long to put this out in a trade paperback? jesus christ.

  2. I know… I wanted to start buying Green Lantern monthly, but I was waiting on the Sinestro trades, so I could catch up… now I guess I’ll have to wait until 2060 to read Blackest Night…  seriously DC, what’s up with your trade release schedule???

  3. The company philosophy is that you should buy the issues. It’s stupid, but they are quite up front about it.

  4. Thank you Conor for the insight, I appreciate it.  I’m new-ish to DC and couldn’t understand what they were doing with their trades… Well, now I know!  Thanks again man.

  5. (The year is 2999)

    ‘Mommie look! DC finally has Sinestro Corps vol.2 out in paperback! Cant wait for the Absolute!’

  6. @TNC, isn’t this TP vol 1?

  7. @Denver: I made an accurate scenario for the 2nd volume in paperback 🙂

  8. so if I pick this up on wednesday in the hopes of catching up with GL will I still be way behind?

  9. @TNC — Ahhhh, you’re a forecaster! got it!!

  10. my understanding is that they typically wait until the hardcover reaches a certain sell off. 

  11. @Denver: I am the nostradmus of this website….just that I’m never accurate….

    Oh wait we’re the same….

  12. @DarthDuck take the ifanboy’s advice and just jump on, that’s what i did with issue 36 and Im GOOD.

  13. i hate the DC trade department. 

  14. I’m debating whether or not I should get this.  I’ve read Rebirth and I’ve read the main issues since Secret Origins started, so is this still necessary reading?  Is it worth it at this point?

  15. This is $25 and a hard cover. Not 14/95 like it says. I hate the DC trade system too! I thought it was a softback. I didn’t get it. 🙁

  16. @Legend: I found while not totally necessary, it is an amazing story.  I now have to sit and wait for another 8 months or so before volume 2 comes out. 

    @DenverDave:  I think you store may just not be carrying the title, because I picked mine up softcover and at that price.  I think Amazon or may still have some copies. 

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