Don’t miss this BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in as Guy Gardner continues his secret mission for Atrocitus! Just as he discovers the Red Lantern energy still has him in its grip, Guy must deal with Red Lantern Bleez as a new teammate, which only leads to dangerous agitation. Can Kilowog, Arisia and the others save Guy – or will they turn on him when they learn the secret of his sinister mission?

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by FELIPE MASSAFERA

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Hopefully she can actually speak and not just growl.

  2. To date Atrocitus has been the only Red Lantern who could string together a sentence. I am hoping this ends up with Guy and Bleez hooking up for some serious Red Lantern freaking. Could be hot, if you are into acidic blood vomit.

     Oh yeah.

  3. Guy just needs to become a Red Lantern at this point. It made so much sense when they did it in Blackest Night, I honestly expected it to stay as the status quo once it was done.

  4. Wow, she’s got a freaky cool costume!

  5. This is probably the best GL book right now. GL’s Main Series is on slow burn right now and, while Corp is good, its not as strong as this books one issue. I hope Tomasi keeps it up!

  6. BLEEZ!!!  just like saying it…

  7. @rift1128: it’s only the second issue. it’s a little early for calls like that, isn’t it?  

  8. @edward: Agreed.  While I completely agree that the other GL titles are a little "meh" at the moment, it’s a tad premature to crown this title king of the stack.  

    Honestly, I better see something good out of the GL titles soon, or else I am dropping all of them.  I’m feeling a little let down, at the moment.

  9. I’ve dropped them all for now, gonna have some cool off time and focus on other stuff. Plus, the trades are great!

  10. I’m staying on this but definitely dropping Brightest Day!!

  11. Migliari does some really solid covers. GL:EW #1  was my cover of the week when it came out, and it looks like it might take the win again this week. Lookin forward to Guy vs. Bleez. Let’s do this.

  12. The more I look at the cover art the more erotic it becomes.

  13. She’s definitely a squirter, isn’t she.

  14. @edward and ctrosejr: I knjow tha only being the second issue makes it a little early to make that call. But with the other GL books dropping the ball lately, the track record that Tomasi has on pretty much every book i have read of his and the overall performance in issue one, i felt confident in the statement. After this arc and Pasarin leaves though i could be completely wrong. 

  15. yup. 

  16. Guy is one of the coolest Green Lanterns and apparently a Red lantern too……

  17. lmao @ Franktiger!

  18. Good issue but not much happening yet.

  19. Hmmm, the emergence of an intriguing character in Bleez, the suspense of whether Guy will succumb to the Red Rage, Arisia’s obsession and guilt over Sodam, Kilowog’s reconciling his no longer being the Corp drill instructor, a brutal snake puking villain (new or not new?); might not be much going on to you, but for me, there’s a whole lot building up, loving how this series has started.

  20. Glad someone got that, Maceface.

  21. This book should have been up and out the door by #2, while we’re definitely moving forward two issues of almost pure set-up gets a little boring. I do think #3 will be pretty kick ass, though. 4/5

  22. Sodam to me is the best part of this book… the Arisa and Sodam story line just is much more intriguing to me. 

  23. Felt like they were stalling a bit with this one. A few too many splash pages and extraneous dialog. Still, some great stuff and it sure was purty. I could really get used to Pasarin. I remain optimistic.

  24. @franktiger: i was hoping we would all just ignore that joke 

  25. Feel like the pacing and character development in this is great, can’t have instant gratification with every book, and when the build up is appropriate and entertaining, it usually makes the climax all the more meaningful; easy to complain about a lack of plot or in-depth character exploration when there’s nothing but action, as it is about a lack of action when there’s too much cultivating of plot, but I for one was very much into the dialogue and all of the different perspectives we got, culminating in them coming together for Guy’s fellowship to the Unknown Sectors, each with his or her own personal reason in joining in this adventure, yet unified by a common theme, which is their friendship with and concern for Guy.

    The art to me is even better than last issue, Pasarin is warming up nicely.

  26. If this series was just Guy I’d probably pass on it.  I like him and all but I’m already reading two GL books.  The inclusion of Arisia, Sodom and Kilowog sells it for me.  I care about all these characters stories too much to pass up this book for now.

    Art was very nice.  As WheelHands mentioned though, a few too many wasteful splash pages. I hope they don’t keep Guy’s mission a big mystery too long.  I don’t like buying issues where I’m just waiting for them to get to the point (which is why I no longer read Brightest Day).

  27. The splash pages were great, a couple of which made ‘Moments of the Week’ for The Weekly Crisis.  Splash pages take artists the most time and work, would be pretty deflating for Pasarin to hear them being called ‘wasteful’ I’d imagine, it’s like splitting hairs and not appreciating that artists do those pages for the fans to enjoy.

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