• “RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY” ends here!

• Thanks to the Third Army, the Guardians have shut down the Green Lantern Corps!

• Everything from the GREEN LANTERN comics from the past few months has been building to this.

• Get ready for a go-for-broke ending, which sets up the next great GREEN LANTERN event!

Story by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by ChrisCross, Scott Hanna, & Marlo Alquiza
Colors by Wil Quintana
Letters by Steve Wands
Cover by ChrisCross & Gabe Eltaeb

Price: $4.99
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  1. Kind of glad to see the end of the Third Army storyline (well, as much of an end as it can be given it’s going to lead into the next storyline). Really hasn’t been grabbing me, though I do like the fact that the Guardians have seemingly gone right off the deep end.

  2. I found this book to be really anticlimactic.

    I haven’t been following ‘Green Lantern Corps’ (its a money thing), but I’ve been getting ‘New Guardians’ and the main book since Issue 1 last September.

    Because this whole story centered around Guy Gardner, I found it somewhat hard to follow. I had no idea what Guy was up to all this time (and he was barely mentioned in either of my GL books), so I was kinda lost with regards to his story. There was no follow up to the Hal/Sinestro sub-plot and Simon Baz barely had a part to play (I thought they were grooming him for a last-minute run-in that would save the Corps and make his name). Plus, the story didn’t really get resolved and is just setting up another multi-title event. It was just lots of power flying around with no discernible emotional core. That might have been better if the art was stronger, but it wasn’t that good in my opinion.

    After all that buildup (and an increased price tag) this one just fell flat for me. Miles away from the excitement of ‘Sinestro Corps’ or ‘Blackest Night’. I’ll follow through to this new event, but at this point, its more out of curiosity than anything else.

  3. Nice to see an annual that actually matters to a books current storyline.

  4. I had lost interest in “Rise of the Third Army,” except for the Simon Baz storyline; but I have to admit that this annual was a pleasant surprise. The way everything came together was fantastic.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  5. I read GL & RL. I bought this to close out the 3rd army arc and thought it was pretty good.

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