In the aftermath of the bloody first arc of the series, John Stewart must bring the body of a fallen Lantern back to his family. But how can John tell them the truth: that he caused this Lantern’s death!

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Pencilled by Claude St. Aubin
Inked by Scott Hanna
Lettered by David L. Sharpe
Colored by Gabriel Abdulati Eltaeb
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Cover Color by Rod Reis

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Looking forward to this, really enjoyed last issue .

  2. I dropped this at the end of the arc. I wanted to like it… and, I did! Just not enough.

  3. This series and writer both so underrated!!

  4. Choked up a bit reading this one.

  5. My shop got me again, I dropped this title and they still pulled it for me. I figured I will give it one shot and give it a read; it was ok. I have been following this since the begining so I was not lost or anything, I just was just so de-sanitized by all of the Green Lantern titles that are out there that I really do not need any more.


  6. I’m playing catch-up with last week’s books, but this was quite good and very poignant. Tomasi’s as solid as ever.

  7. I dunno. I’ve “enjoyed” this series more and more with each issue. Still not great, but showing some promise. Then this issue? Its not that it was a “sad” issue as to why I disliked this issue so much. I just think some fiction is occasionally sad for the sake of being sad. Sad without any real point. Not that this issue is without a point… but I feel like the situation with the brother was superfluous.

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