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The new ongoing art team of rising star Tyler Kirkham and dynamic inker Batt kicks this BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in into high gear as Kyle Rayner attempts to recruit Sinestro in a mission to save his daughter Soranik Natu! But the leader of the Yellow Lanterns is more concerned with exterminating the “alley rat” Emerald Warrior, and the pair face off in hand-to-hand combat!

Written by TONY BEDARD
Art and cover by TYLER KIRKHAM & BATT
Variant cover by PATRICK GLEASON

Price: $2.99
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JesTr11/18/10YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. This was my surprise POW last month, let’s see if it can do it again. Nice to have a book featuring the most awesome of all GLs kicking ass.

  2. Last arc sucked but accidentally bought #53 and I enjoyed it so I will probably pick this up.

  3. I guess "dynamic inking" is now code for "destroying the pencils".

  4. Probably my bottom green lantern book at the moment but by no means bad.

  5. If I’m gonna drop a Green Lantern book in the near future, it’ll probably be this one, but I’m not at that point yet.

  6. The last arc was a massive struggle but the last issue was strong and hopefully this one keeps it up.

  7. I don’t like Kirkham, Bedard is hit and miss for me, and Kyle is my least favorite GL. Since all my favorite Corps members seem to have moved over to Emerald Warriors, and EW will soon cost the same, I think I am ready to only get two Green Lantern books. This was is not bad, I just get enough of the same but better elsewhere.

  8. Upon further reflection I’ll gladly admit that my enjoyment of this book (well… last issue, at least) is heightened by my affection for Kyle. Remember when HE was Green Lantern? Yeah, that was cool.

  9. This arc is way better than the last one.  I’m starting to like this book more and more as I like EW less and less.

  10. I freaking loved this issue. This is the Bedard I loved on REBELS.

  11. Yes. Yes. Yes. Solid 4.

  12. "Remember when HE was Green Lantern? Yeah, that was cool." Damn right. He was the first GL I read, he’s been my favourite ever since. Hal is too staid and dependable, Kyle is a bit more loose and fast.

  13. @nicholassmith: I like all the Green Lanterns but Kyle is my favorite, he’s more human. Hal is cool but several writers make him out to be an ass all the time. Really loved this issue.

  14. yeah i was considering dropping the book last month, but the Kyle-love made me stick around. Don’t know if it’s enough to keep me for the long run though, hopefully this issue picks things up

  15. After reading Batman: The Return (particularly seeing the pencils then inked pages) and this I’m not sure I like this inker either.  I don’t know enough about the process to say why exactly, maybe it’s too heavy and removes the depth from the pencils?

    The issue itself was interesting but also fell into the same trap one of the Cyberborg Superman issues did – it was a lot of exposition and ended up feeling like just a transition issue.  Still, I like the Weaponer and Sinestro’s attitude towards Rayner is great.

  16. I was about to drop this before the start of the arc but I’m glad I didn’t.  I’m digging the Weaponer.

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