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BRIGHTEST DAY shines its light on a new “Emerald Dawn”! In the wake of BLACKEST NIGHT, the Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard has expanded to include John Stewart and former Guardian Ganthet. Can the new immortal Green Lantern and the legendary Marine help Kyle Rayner suppress the growing threat within their ranks?

Written by TONY BEDARD

Price: $2.99
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  1. This cover is a prime example of why I don’t like that CGI/Painting, Adi Granov-esque style.  Kyle looks like he’s from a Tekken 3 cutscene.

    Last issue was one of the best comics I’ve read in months.  Let’s see what the new team can do. 

  2. the cover reminds me of the cgi opening to the justice league cartoon

  3. I’m looking to trim my pull list, so this is a make or break issue for me.

  4. I’m not a fan of this style either. It definitely works better on covers for a title like Iron Man, in which a lot of mechanics are involved. But here it almost makes the characters appear wooden and less realistic, which I would assume is the opposite of the artist’s intent. Plus Stewart looks like he’s wearing construct lipstick. 

    Looking forward to seeing how this goes. Curious to see how Ganthet adjusts to the role of Corpsman. He’s been the odd man out for years, but it’ll be fun to see him take orders from his former peers. He’ll handle it with his usual cool, no doubt. 

  5. giving this one issue. I’m just reading too much right now and with GLC breaking into seperate books, my wallet just cant take any more.

  6. Ok Bedard, I’ve liked some of your stuff and haven’t liked others. Bring your A game or your gone!

  7. Tony Bedard is only my 86th favorite writer, so he has a lot to of room to impress me with his work on one of my favorite titles.

  8. Kyle Rayner – "Wooden and less realistic since 1994." 😉

    This will be interesting I like Tony Bedard, but he’s extremely hit or miss with me. 

  9. I will not be reading THREE Green Lantern books, so Bedard is going to have to make an excellent argument why I shouldn’t just follow Tomasi over to Emerald Warriors or whatever it is goning to be called. I liked REBELS but that title has sputtered just a tad since the defeat of Starro, so Bedard better bring it. You hear that Bedard? Bring it!

  10. haha, I like how we are all calling for Bedard to do well, but he’s probably already at least three issues in.  there’s nothing more he can do about this one issue no matter how much we give encouragement.

  11. Not only that, but this one is almost certainly all printed by now. They distribute everything to the stores tomorrow. Still, I see no reason to take Bedard off the hook. He should be sitting in a lotus position willing this comic to be good. No food or water until Everyone has had a chance to read it.

  12. @jimbilly4 isn’t that what grant Morrison does for his comics?

  13. Am i the only person who doesn’t care about John? I feel like he’s been the Sentry for DC since Xanshi. The only reason i’m giving this a shot, really, is that Ganthet is a part of it.

  14. well Morrison does that while writing his books

  15. @fvckstick I’m sticking with this for Kyle. I’ve always liked him and tomasi made me like him even more. If he was taking Kyle over to Emerald Warriors I’d be dropping this.
    @abirdseyeview I think Grant Morrison is like that all time, chanting and burning incense while a typewritter floats in mid air producing scripts

  16. Bedard shows he can do a cosmic team book with REBELS. I expect him to do very well with this.

    That cover…..possibly the worst this week. What is up with Stewart? He looks….well I don’t know what to say that won’t get my comment deleted. 

  17. @mikeandzod21: Same here, if Kyle was in the other book I would have already dropped this one.

  18. John Stewart was the GL I grew up knowing, mostly through JLU, but I just don’t like him or care about him. I think Earth has enough Green Lanterns without him.

  19. I don’t think having three GL books is enough. Why not have every single member of the GL Corps have their own title?

  20. I always thought Tomasi’s work on GLC was just okay.  He’s very paint-by-the-numbers, getting through the plot points without flair.  His dialogue always felt forced.   I certainly don’t think his Emerald Warriors is deserving of the "Bendis Treatment" (having your 32 page book sell for $3.99).

    Bedard is really good on REBELS, so I hope he steps it up here.  Some of his stuff is just bland, hopefully that’s not the case here.

  21. Although this says issues #48, this felt a lot like a #1 issue. Which isn’t a bad thing mind you.

    Bedard is playing with some new characters here, and finally the Alpha Lanterns are back into the fold. His take on Rayner is a bit ‘meh’ to me, but then again I didn’t like Tomasi’s ‘run of the mill’ take either. Good use of Stewart and Ganthet though. Syaf is also a great artist and his first issue on this was pretty good.

    Overall I am on board for more issues of this. The fun hasn’t disappeared yet on this title. 

  22. Very good issue. I like that there’s some "style and tone" continuity between Tomasi and Bedard here. While the characterizations and situations are new, it doesn’t feel blatantly different. Bedard does a good job with most everyone, as Champ mentioned Kyle was bland but that’s par for the course. Glad to see Stewart back in the spotlight. Syaf’s pencils were really good and the coloring suited the book well. 4/5 for me.

  23. Poor Glibberquip 🙁

  24. Glibberquip may be my new favorite Green Lantern.

  25. @TNC and @Prax: I wouldn’t really say that Stewart was in the spotlight this issue but it’s clear he’ll have more of a focus in later issues.  This issue was all about Ganthet.  I can’t wait and see what Bedard has in store for him as a Green Lantern.  It was also good to see that Bedard is going to use the Alpha Lanterns.  I think no one has properly utilized them since their creation.

    In all, not a bad issue. I wonder what is in store for Ganthet and Stewart on their new missions and I hope Kyle gets better used in the future issues.


    Green Man got Alpha-raped! And we didn’t even see it! That’s like Cyclops-X3 level bullshit. I know he’s a C-lister but I always had a soft spot for the big green bastard.

    Solid issue. Could be worse. 

  27. @WheelHands Green Man was turned into an Alpha-Lantern a while back.

  28. Quite fun, but I’m making cuts across my pull list and this title is easily one that I won’t miss too much. If I hear great things, perhaps I’ll pick up the trades.

  29. @Drake- how could you even consider dropping a book with a character named Gibberquip?

  30. @Wade – Damn…you make a great point. I have to rethink this.

  31. @drake- lol I’m thinking of dropping this too with the new team, but this issue was pretty sold. Better than this weeks GL (IMO). So, I’ll have to give them a few more issues …

  32. big surprise here.  very happy to see we’ll be having a very similar feel, and an interesting story to boot, with Bedard aboard.

  33. @Prax: You’re right. HaHa. I just re-read all my Geoff Johns Lantern recently so I guess non-Alpha Green Man was fresh in my mind. My bad.

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