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The battle for the Green Lantern Battery on Oa comes to a bloody end as the new front in the War of Light emerges!

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art and cover by Patrick Gleason & Rebecca Buchman
Variant cover by Greg Horn

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. This could be cover of the week for me. Not just because of the chainsaw though 😉

    This should be a lot of fun, as the last two issues have been some of the best material Tomasi/Gleason has been producing.

  2. I forget what happened to Kilowog’s face and it’s been annoying me for weeks.  Anyone care to lend me a hand?

  3. Can’t remember.  Shit doesn’t start getting solidified in my head until the second reading.

  4. I know I read it, so it was either in SCW or Emerald…Eclipse?  Whatever the arc before Blackest Night was called.

    Side note… there are way too many Green Lantern stories starting with "Emerald."  Couldn’t even begin to tell you which one is which.

  5. This is a cool cover. Guy taking a chainsaw construct to the Corps a$$!

  6. oh hells yes!

  7. This’ll be my first issue since getting this via DC Direct.  Anyone have any experince with that?  Will I get in on time or in two weeks?

  8. We all know Guy survives because he is staring in a new book with Kilowog. 

  9. Really? The star of a book doesn’t die??? Way to ruin it DC!

  10. For me, the current GLC books have been the best thing to come out of BN so far. Great work going on here.

  11. Cool. Really excited for this.

    @Champ You realize it’s constructed to be the mirror image of the cover to GL #51.

  12. This is the cover of the week for me. And it is only because of the chainsaw.

  13. @Prax: Huh, your right. I didn’t notice that at all…..Although to be fair there are more GL’s in this cover then GL #51. So I think that makes it not as obvious on first glance.

  14. Another great issue. Gleason has done an amazing job for almost a full year now, impressive considering he wasn’t this consistant over a year ago. Mogo continues to be a badass though, I would love to see a comic based on Mogo….

    …..Okay maybe not.l

  15. cover of the week candidate

  16. Great issue and a nice cap off to the arc.  I’ll be sorry to see the Tomasi/Gleason team go, I’ve been enjoying this title more than GL for most of the last year or so.  Oh well, luckily, the future looks bright. 

  17. This was a good issue, but Mogo’s starting to become something of a Deus Ex Machina problem solver…

  18. This issue really could have used a B-Plot. I was also hoping that Kyle would inspire hope in Guy and magically get a Blue Ring, instead of the Mogo-out. But still, enjoyable issue. 4/5. It really is clear to me that Guy is Tomasi’s favorite character, though.  

  19. I think this issue set up the premise/first arc of Emerald Knights.  Guy’s gotta go find the blue lanterns, afterall.

  20. Best use of "Son of a Bitch!" (or any vulgarity) in a comic since the Goddamn Batman told you who he is.

  21. Really nice art, but what a waste of an issue. Did we need a whole issue of drawn out leach sucking, giant battles of red & green bubbles in the air? Did anyone REALLY think Guy would stay a Red Lantern? Why not just do the leach thing on the first page or two, then move on with the story?

  22. Is there anything Mogo can’t do? I’m fully convinced the thing probably shit’s rainbows and unicorns; he’s so damn magical.

  23. @Drakedangerz Mogo is Justin Gray.

  24. This issue was ok, i did feel as if Tomassi is just waiting around for Blackest Night until he can continue with what he wants to do however..

  25. Really compelling issue, but as usual there’s just little moments that turn me off. Guy’s dialouge, lame scientific explanations for things, and some awkward art. I’ve really liked the last 2 or 3 issues of this though. Sad to see the team break apart but its been a solid 4 star run.

     Also, does anyone remember when all the Indigo tribe was called on to visit the Corps homeworlds? Can’t seem to find this in the previous GL, GLC, or BN books.

  26. @Jaque It’s mentioned – briefly – in GL #50. It’s explicitly stated in "Blackest Night: The Atom & Hawkman"

  27. This was flipping awesome! Favorite part was Guy sitting up from the water saying ‘son of a bitch’ made me laugh out loud. This book is that perfect balance between big widescreen action and great character moments.

  28. POW!

  29. As to why Mogo didn’t do it at first: he states quite explicitly that there is still red lantern blood in Guy, so it was not a perfect solution. Mogo thought some sort of super-ring, battle your own demons therapy was the better choice, but the Corps didn’t give it a chance. I hope Guy keeps it for a long time, trying to control it, tapping into it when he needs an extra boost, battling the demons that result. But where did the rest of the red lantern blood go? Into Mogo. Mogo is a planet, so the dilution is high… for now. I would be damn surprised if that doesn’t come back to bite the Mogo and the Corps in the ass later. So there is another reason Mogo might have hesitated. He may have known that suckling up Red Lantern blood had some serious risks.

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