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  1. This is the one I’ve been waiting for. Shit is about to get real. Call the fire department, this whole place is going up!

  2. What Roi just said: Shit just got real.

    I have been enjoying this a lot since Blackest Night started. Tomasi is doing a great job still telling a story with these characters but mixing in BN stuff as well. Great title.

  3. I remember before last issue I was thinking that this title has just become filler until after Blackest Night is done.  After last issue, this is my most anticipated book of the month.  Can’t wait.

  4. Pissed off guy Gardner? Fuck. Yes.

  5. Can Guy Gardner get even more angry? I don’t think that is possible, even in a comic book!

  6. Corphans… I was already doubting that I would pick up the book, give me a break.

  7. I’m sorry to be the negative nancy, but did Kyle accomplish anything in his act of martyrdom?

  8. Shit just got real!

  9. @Ruo

    Really all he did was buy time, but considering the Black Lanterns were on the brink of winning the war (unless you want to take Dove around the Galaxy killing the Black Lanterns one at a time), it was time well needed.  

    You could also say that, considering he died on the last page of last issue, it’s too early to say.  But judging by the cover, Kyle’s death will turn Guy Gardner into a Christmas-themed Black Lantern killing machine. 

  10. Every time I see "shit just got real" I imagine each person saying it being spotlit in their own "When keeping it real goes wrong." 😉 Really excited for this issue. Last issue was the big moment we’d been hoping for in this book – the kick in the ass. (And the kick in the gut to Kyle fans.) I think from here on out, GLC is going to be brimming with action and story, especially with Blackest Night proper finally getting somewhere.

    @ruo21 What slock said. He bought them time. As well, it would seem the explosion of raw Lantern power mainlined from the Central Power Battery can destroy the Black Lantern rings. Perhaps the solution will be the 7 Corps Leaders needing to become their respective corps’ "avatar." (Parallax, Ion, Predator)? 

    @slockhart I really want someone to suggest destroying Kyle’s body before a BL ring can get to it. 

  11. @edward and prax Every time I hear that, i visualize my students talking during my instruction

  12. @PraxJarvin- It’s already too much like power rangers as it is, we don’t need them to go beast form.

    This book and Invicible Iron Man are the two books that I hear so much about and I keep trying to like, but I just can’t get into them. I think I might try one more issue of this if the reviews are good. I really want to like this as much as everyone else, considering my love for Green Lantern I wouldn’t think it would be that hard.

  13. Does anyone know if that’s the variant or normal-people cover?  GL books have been soliciting the variants a lot lately, and I don’t see a signature on it.

  14. @Ruo21 – Power rangers was awesome, but on that note, we should all be wary of a white lantern. After all, the White Ranger was the downfall of quality Power Rangers.

  15. seriously, "Corpans" Who writes these solicitations?

  16. looking forward to this — feels like forever since the last issue

  17. @edward The term was used by Isamot last issue…

  18. @gnanniv Well…. the Green Ranger DID become the White Ranger. 😉

  19. @PraxJarvin – Yep, the Green Ranger was cool, but that’s why it took everyone by surprise. No one could see the horror that was to come.

  20. Currently GL Corps has the most pulls this week.  Guy Gardner is getting the most pulls.  Granted this is a Blackest Night crossover issue, but at its essence this book is going to be all about Guy Gardner.  Geoff and Peter have somehow figured out a way to get people to read a Guy Gardner comic.  It’s amazing!  It’s about time the one true Green (Red) Lantern gets some respect around here.  😉

  21. In the realm of comic books, "corphans" is not even close to being the goofiest made-up word.

  22. @viktorr Guy had a three issue prestige-sized mini in the 90s as well as a 40 issue (+2 annuals) series to his credit. That’s pretty good for a character whose first appearance was in a "What if" issue.

  23. @prax: what the frag? who uses comicbook words in normal converation, bub?

  24. conversation

  25. Go, Guy Gardner, go!

  26. @ Prax: 

    Judging from the moments before Kyle died, it seemed like he was finally at peace. He even had a little smirk on his face. 

  27. My point being that the black rings can’t bring people back who are at peace in death.

  28. holy shit, Guy gardner is already underenraged guy, imagine this, Red lantern Guy gardner, AWSOME!!!!!!!

  29. Corphans might be the funniest thing I’ve heard this year.

  30. Awwwww shit…

  31. The cover looks like it could be a music video. "I need hot stuff!"

  32. @Ruo21: Or a Monty Python bit

    "My it’s hot in here!"

  33. the worst thing about the White Ranger was that fucking talking sword.  ugh, I did love the mystery of it all though as an 8 year-old

  34. @ABirdseyesView – The worst thing about the White Ranger was that he completely usurped the Red Ranger’s position as leader of the group. Power hungry bastard.

  35. @gnanniv Please, Tommy was clearly the more capable Ranger. 😉

    @Abirdseysview Tommy had the coolest weapons: Flute Dagger which summons his ship, talking Sabre that summons his ship. I was really big into the Green/White Ranger storys as a kid, more so than anything else in the show. 

  36. meh, Rocky didn’t have nearly the leadership that Jason did anyway.  the position was ripe for Tommy to pluck.

  37. @ABirdseyesView and PraxJarvin – 

    Green Ranger was very cool, and had a positive relationship with the Red Ranger. If you remember the methology of the show, the Green Ranger was the bad guy turn good guy, with that great "who is he" mystery going. White Ranger was forced onto the fan base. Flute Dagger was awesome, talking Sabre sucked.

    And Rocky might not have been as good a leader as Jason, but there was an obvious president set that the Red Ranger was the leader. If Tommy wanted to be seen as the rightfull leader of the rangers he would have fould a way to be the Red Ranger.

    And Jason could kick Tommy’s ass.

  38. This conversation makes me feel very old.

  39. @Granniv

    Technically, Tommy did become the Red Ranger.

    The Red Zeo Ranger.


  40. This was, quite possibly, the best issue of this series to date.

    Everything from the art to the writing worked for me. It was an exciting read and Gleason even brought it with the art.

    I’m going to read it again because I loved it so much. Geoff Johns should take note: This is how you can write characters and still the event relevent. Not a single moment wasted, unlike the main event right now.

  41. @Slockhart – Yea, I gave up soon after Tommy was White Ranger. The movie was the last thing I was. It just broke my spirit, luckly there was Dragon Ball Z to pick me up on the rebound.

  42. @TNC although i’m enjoying the main event too i agree. this was the best issue of GL Corps I’ve ever read

  43. Faaaaaaaaaar away the best issue of all the series.

    I think i’m starting to love Tomasi. 

  44. This seemed like a really quick issue but it was awesome nonetheless. Guy’s a Red Lantern, Kyle’s back and Mogo!

  45.  This was a really good issue. I don’t know that it’s the best of the series, but it’s quite good. In all honesty, I found the resurrection to be rushed and hamfisted and really made it feel far more stunt-y than I originally felt it was last issue. However, there are some fun implications to this issue, I gave it a 5/5 but that 5 was very close to being a 4, sad to say. 

  46. I love Mogo.

  47. Really? People loved this? I couldn’t help but laugh at the scenes with Guy, and not the good kind of laugh. All the other parts were great, but that totally took away from my overall enjoyment of this book. 3/5 for me.

    @Prax-Yeah, a bit odd that Kyle says "Fells like I never left." No shit, you were gone for all of 5 minutes. 

  48. The fact that Kyle’s back already confirms the fact that I won’t be picking this up.

  49. @drake Yeah, Guy got a bit out of hand (a bit like Vice last issue.). But I thought the other stuff made up for it. Plus, Mogo is just awesome. 😉

  50. @Prax-I can’t argue against Mogu. That guy thing is awesome.

  51. I really liked this issue. Gleason really handled Guy as Red Lantern very well. I kind of hoped Kyle would stay dead, but I guess I’m not surprised that he’s back.

    I dunno about best GLC overall- but by far the best issue of the Blackest Night mini.

  52. Reading al my other books this week, I decided to do something I don’t normally do… I’m lowering my score on this to 4/5

  53. and hes back….. i think its too soon.

  54. @drake: The only bit I really laughed at was Guy just screaming ‘KYYYYLLLLEEE’ in a tiny panel. That seemed a bit much. lol

    But other then that I thought everything from: Guy trying to secure Kyle’s ring, to becoming a Red Lantern, to just slaughtering Kryb; was just so badass.

  55. @TNC-There is a fine line between bad ass and cheesy. Tomasi crossed it.

  56. @TNC-Also, "choke on it!"

  57. @drake: Ah I didnt think he crossed it at all.

    Although maybe the ‘choke on it’ line is a bit much. lol

  58. This issue had me until they brought Kyle back, then I was taken completely out of it.  The Mogo thing at the end was pretty good, but I’m not sure if it was enough to make this my POTW.

  59. What? They brought Kyle back?  If we get through blackest night and there are still four goddamn human green lanterns, I’m gonna be pretty disappointed.  I was kind of hoping they’d get rid of Guy too…

  60. I really wish they hadn’t brought Kyle back yet.  I’m very disappointed.  I would have been OK with them bringing him back as a Star Sapphire, though.  I actually thought that was going to happen at one point.

    The rest of the issue was fine. 

  61. @stuclach Yeah I thought that two. 

  62. I think it’s cool that they brought back Kyle back so quickly.

    Everyone just assumed there was going to be some big Black Lantern Kyle or White Lantern Kyle moment that this was unexpected.

    I like it when unexpected things happen.

  63. @tomO I don’t know that this was unexpected.

  64. "Choke on it!" might be my moment of the year. Damn that was baller.

  65. 1 star.  

    should have stayed dead. 

  66. Im not mad he came back, but im mad that the power of love brought him back…… .. .

  67. @Aquaman "But that’s the power of love. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWER OF LOVE."

  68. Difficult to rate this book. The art and diologue was great. The story was fine, but I feel cheated. I don’t hate Kyle Raynor. I’ve only read him in Grant Morrison’s JLA and this current run on GLC, but his death felt earned by the story, his resurrection didn’t.

    When Kyle died, the war got serious, I thought Guy might actually stay a red lentern, or die as one, now by the end of the story he story he’ll probably be cured as well.

    I’ve lost hope in this series.

  69. I didn’t notice it until PraxJarvin and drakedangerz told me on XBL but…..

    Kyle Rayner looks remarkably like Keanu Reeves doesnt he? lol

  70. @Zeppo

    You just summed up my thoughts exactly.  I don’t know if I’ve lost hope, but I do feel a little betrayed. 

  71. Remember last issue when Kyle died, I said it had zero emotional impact on me, because death in the DCU is meaningless? Yeah … I rest my case.

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