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  1. What could make this situation any worse for the GLC?

    More Red Lantern kitties?

  2. Hopefully now that there’s some development in the main story, this book will finally get some direction.  I know people have been complaing that nothing’s happening in GL Proper, but compared to how GLC has been, GL looks like the most planned out story ever.

  3. Yeah, let’s hope this one moves things along.  Still really enjoying Tomasi’s writing and the highly underrated artwork of Patrick Gleason.  Hopefully the horn sized hole in Guy Gardener’s leg is ok…

  4. Based on the upper right portion of the cover, I’m guessing the new threat is required smaller bra sizes.

  5. *stares at upper right corner*

    Uh yeah…..need more bras….gotta have more bras.

  6. Green Lantern has gotten better since Blackest Night.

    Green Lantern Corps has gotten worse.

    Since the event story this series has been hitting the same story beats while back in the main event book things have moved on two issues ago. 

  7. I’m hoping for a change of pace too.  I’m done with the first act of Blackest Night and am damn ready for what’s next

  8. @TNC Red Lantern Kitties RULE!!


    My prediction for this issue. A lot of fighting, nothing new is revealed. Prove me wrong  Tomasi! prove me wrong .. 

  9. I think this issue will be a turning point.

  10. I would really love to see the Embryo Corps. Babies that are brought to life in opposition of those brought back from the dead. Children that have yet to be born in the DC universe that are able to bring an end to this mess dark night once and for all.

  11. I… I… what?

  12. @drake: Agreed I done being surprised by the Black Lanterns. I want the next phase. However, this has still been a great book. More Kyle damn it!

  13. Loving this book.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the pace right now but I just think the story is at that point in the plot development where a lot of that is necessary.  I’ve totally been impressed with the work DC is putting into the books right now.

    -Vic De Zen

  14. This advanced the story in a lot of ways. I love it that Tomasi proves just how much of an empty shell the Black Lanterns are. Exciting read all around.

    Shame that Patrick Gleason is totally ruining my enjoyment sine jumping on this series!!!

  15. haha, "corphans"

  16. Daaaaamn. Hell of an ending.

  17. 🙁  I can’t believe that ending.  Great issue.  Glad every book is moving away from the first act of Blackest Night now.

  18. Wow.  That was a epic ending.  Really loved this issue.

  19. Well that was sad, crazy. He’ll be back…. he’ll be back right?

  20. Even though the art was uneven for the majority of the issue. The final page of the death (I wont spoil it just yet) looked really amazing.

    If they keep this death permanent for awhile then kudos to DC for letting Tomasi do that.

  21. Spoilers:

     So I guess I’ll be the one to start this party. WOW!!! That was an epic book. Kyle’s death was so shocking that I I couldn’t even bring myself to read anymore books tonight. I did not see that one coming.

    So I guess Guy will become so enraged that he will receive Vice’s Red Ring…

  22. Holy shit. I didn’t expect that at all.


    I don’t want to be a nitpicker, but couldn’t Kyle just have thrown the battery at the Black Lanterns before it was detonated, instead of sacificing himself in order to do so?

  24. Did anyone else notice that half of his foot and a chunk of his thigh was missing/blown off. 

  25. @Jackietam:

    The Black Lanterns were scattered. Kyle used his body to draw them in close to make sure he took as many out as possible. 


    Looks like the exact opposite of what you wanted. 

  26. I never knew how much I liked Kyle Rayner until the end of this book… Those guys from Cinderella were right; you really don’t know what you got till it’s gone…

  27. @supertrackmonkey I can’t tell if those are chunks taken out of his body or if he is buried in some sort of soil because their should be alot of blood. especially coming out of that pez dispenser in his neck

  28. Man I didn’t realize I a lot of people loved Kyle Rayner. I thought he was the least favorite of all the important Green Lantern’s.

  29. I’m actually excited for the Black Lantern Kyle, though.  I hope Ron Marz gets to script him and exorcise some demons.

  30. Was quite bored with this issue, until the ending. DC really has a thing about killing characters, often quite needlessly. Hopefully Blackest Night ultimately involves some sort of meta-commentary regarding that, and/or changes that in some way.

  31. Just as I compliment Gleason on the art for this book, we get a uneven and cluttered issue.  What an ending though.  So Black Lantern Kyle Rayner and Red Lantern Guy Gardener next month.  Supertrackmonkey called it.

  32. @TNC Kyle was my first exposure to the GL books. My first issue was the issue where Hal lost it and Kyle got the ring in the alley. He’s my favorite Green Lantern

  33. I hope all you Kyle haters are HAPPY! Sniff sniff..ooooo..waaa…wait I don’t like Rayner either.

  34. I was checking the Official DCU Blog right before reading this issue, and some douche in the comments section to a Detective cover wrote the spoiler ending to this. I’ve never been more pissed in my entire life. Am I just not allowed to use the internet until I get a chance to read my comics?

    Oh, yeah, this issue was awesome, and I still love Patrick Gleason’s art. Nothing to complain about here.

  35. Wait, you mean there were spoilers about comics on a Comic website?! WHAT THE?!

  36. I’m shocked.  Very interesting ending.  I guess we know what pushed Guy over the edge.

    I’m not a huge Kyle fan, but I do think he had the potential (if used correctly) to fill a niche in the DCU. He seemed much more mellow than many of the primary characters in the DCU. 

  37. @AlexG: I know, I should be more careful, but seriously. The topic wasn’t even about Blackest Night. THis guy just posted a random spoiler. So upsetting.

  38. Awesome. He’ll be back.

  39. Wow, just read this.  I was halfway through and all I could keep thinking was that Blackest Night had degenerated into one long fight scene, with no forward momentum.  Then I got to the end, and was kind of blown away.  It also reminded me of Tomasi’s particular strength, which was the character beats, particularly with Kyle’s "last words".  I’m back on track with the crossover and wanting to know what happens next.  Oh, and I think Gleason is tremendously underrated.  There were pages in this book that were worthy of good Bryan Hitch.

  40. Eh, there was just too much going on in this book for me to be anywhere near as happy as everyone else seems to be.

    It should also be noted that while I’m a huge fan of Kyle Rayner, he’s my favourite GL, I officially don’t give a crap about death in the DCU anymore at all.  Aside for the fact that I imagine Blackest Night will end with the permanent resurrection of loads of dead characters, if they brought Barry Allen and Jason Todd back, Kyle will be back in no time.  

  41. Dead needs to mean dead.  Maybe it does now?

  42. @jms74 I truly hope so.  I have zero interest in that character.

  43. @clintaa It’s certainly not an indictment of Kyle to say that I want him to remain dead.. I’m new to GL and he’s certainly been a cool character since I’ve been reading.  I just hate the lack of punch DC deaths always have because instantaneously there’s active debate as to when the character returns.  I know, "that’s comics", yadda yadda yadda.. That alone is reason enough to buck expectations, and do what should have been done in the first place- keep dead characters dead.

    Which in turn will keep most of our favorite characters very much alive, because (shocking) a character death actually would have consequences for the story, for the readers, for the writers.  What a concept.

  44. Kyle Rayner was my first Lantern and I always love the stories he’s in.  It truly saddens me to see this happen.

  45. @lantern4life Now you know how I felt 15 years ago.

  46. This was freakin awesome..but too many people like it, so no way Josh could pick it.  Wouldn’t wanna be accused of actually agreeing with your listeners..that would be boring.  <sigh>

  47. @tazz-The POTW is the book the iFanboy enjoyed the most.  Not the iFanbase.  That has been explained many many times already.

  48. @tazz: I didn’t pick this either.

    When it’s my week I don’t even look at the website to see what people have picked before I decide for myself.

  49. Wait, did the most important & best issue of the Blackest Night event so far just happen, not in the main book or in Green Lantern? Yes. It did.


    Kyle Rayner of Earth … RISE.

  50. On a side note, you know what all these DCU characters coming back from the dead does to stories? It totally lessens any emotional impact death has. I like Kyle Rayner’s character a lot, & you know how much the last page affected me emotionally? Zero. & I’m not a cold hearted guy, one time I almost got upset.

    Not to hate on the issue, it was a 5/5 for me, I’m just saying when characters dies now, it’s more like they are knocked out cold, you just think "Ouch, wonder how long til’ he gets back up?"

  51. @Wade-I try to stop myself from thinking "oh, well he’s just going to come back later anyways."  I try, really hard, to enjoy scenes and moments in the context their specific storyline.  If Kyle comes back next issue, that won’t diminish how great this book was for me and how crazy it was that he "died" in this issue.  That being said, I’m sure he’ll be back in some way later on. 😉

  52. Maybe if we didn’t see Sodam Yat ‘dying’ only a couple of months ago I would care about this death more. I’m with @Wade, I have a really hard time caring about someone dying in comics today. The last time I was surprised was when Morrison killed Bruce; cause I didn’t think he had the balls (or the legal matter) to do it.

  53. I’m with @drakedangerz, you have to look at it in the context of the story. Unless you’re Deadpool and you know you are a comic book character, then the action done was know it would come with a price; in Kyle Raynor’s case, he knew he was going to die for his actions. 

  54. @drake- Knowing Kyle’s death is not going to last didn’t stop me from thinking the issue was awesome either, but you said it yourself, you have to consciously make yourself try to ignore that you know he’ll be back … maybe NEXT issue, lol. Kyle Rayner of Earth … RISE!

    @supertrackmonkey- good point. In the context of the story, Kyle still "died" a heroes death. 

  55. didnt the balck lanterns already attack and crack open the shell of the power battery a while ago with out that giant construct?



    Kyle Raynor will return as the White Lantern. (Oddly enough, I came to this conclusion while ironing my white dress shirt.) A device that has yet to utilized in this story is why I think this. The Black Rings couldn’t reanimate the corpses of those who were at peace. Kyle seemed at peace while saying his final goodbyes before the alpha battery exploded. What if the White Power Ring(s) could resurrect those who are at peace. Kyle seems like a perfect fit to be the leader/torchbearer to the White Lantern(s). 

  57. @Wade-Yeah, having to consciously ignore that he will eventually come back is a bummer.  I would love to see Black Lantern Rayner though.  Bad ass!!

  58. @RoiVampire  Kyle Rayner was my favorite Green Lantern as well.    When he  the main Green Lantern, I really liked that he was an artist and new to the super-hero game.  Plus his ring constructs were amazing!

    In the beginning he was written as a rookie, which gave the readers a fresh perspective on being a super-hero. I especially liked how Morrisoin wrote him during his run on JLA.

    I truly don’t know where all the hate toward his character comes from.  I understand that he is not Hal Jordan, nor was he ever meant to be.   However,  the guy wasn’t a jerk, like Guy Gardner.

    When Hal was brought back, DC just didn’t know what to do with his character and that’s a shame.  The fact remains that for me and many readers, Kyle was our Green Lantern as well as our first introduction to that segment of the DC Universe.  

    I just hope that either DC A) leaves him dead or B) brings him back in a way in which he can serve the DCU in a more meaningful way.   Oh well …

  59. @ JMS74

    As if DC deaths vs Marvel deaths are any more or less lame. Captain America hasn’t even been "dead" 25 issues.  Kyle could come back any number of ways in the context of Blackest Night. 

  60. @ supertrackmonkey I was just going to post the same thing. Kyle’s gonna be a fighting whitey.

  61. @ tazz , keep in mind the staffer at ifanboy that has a green lantern tattoo is on video stating he doesn’t even read the current run of GL Corps, just the mainline book….. So this probably missed he and mr marvel’s radar this week.

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