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  1. Another new law? What is it now?

    ‘Cannot wear white after August’

  2. Hope this is better than GL #42.


  3. Oh, the art in GL #42 was all over the place. 


  4. I’m loving GLC, but GL needs an artist!

  5. I love Mahnke and Gleason

  6. Hm, interested to see what the new law will be. Pretty excited for this.

  7. @MrGlass – GL is getting a new artist, Doug Mahnke.

  8. @skeets- nice. love the mahnke. big on the mahnke

  9. So glad I jumped on board with this title, expecting a great finale to the arc.

  10. yeah, see, I’m actually curious about the new law.  the lethal force law(s) and the no-romance law were very interesting things to add to the mix.  unfortunately it also has the possibility of being something as mundane as being allowed to set foot on the planet we’ve never heard of before to conveniently encounter the new character.

  11. the new law is no more wire hangers

  12. I’m thinking "Ape does not kill ape".

  13. The new law is "What Blue Lanterns? Don’t know what you’re talking about."

  14. Man I love that cover.  Blackest Night is upon us and I couldnt be happier!!

  15. I’m thinking it will be "No more back talking" just because they’re tired of listening to all of the Earthmens shit.

  16. Yes! I love those fight scenes with different members all over the place and just the volume of different creatures on the page

  17. I’m finding it difficult to like this series. I have been hearing everyone saying that they like this more than GC right now, but I really don’t see it.

  18. great cover.

  19. Hulk smash lots of rings!  Seriously, aren’t piles of rings getting a little clliche at this point? 

  20. This was just mediocre. The story was a good wrap up to the previous issues, but the art was just horrendous and uneven. Since when does Kilowog have a huge beer belly?

  21. This felt rushed and some of the stories ended very abruptly.

    I guess after one battle by the Daximites, Mongul decides to just get the fuck out of Daxam. The Alpha Lanterns and their executions felt forced and rushed. This didnt feel like an end of Emerald Eclipse, but a prolouge of Blackest Night. If that makes sense to anyone, then that’s the big problem of this issue.

    The art by Gleason was amazing though.

  22. I haven’t gone to my LCS today yet and I’ll make a prediction.  I’ve said previously that Gleason’s art changes from good to bad every other issue.  I said his art was pretty good last issue so I’ll wager that it’s not as good in this one.

  23. If sh*t is this bad before Blackest Night, I can’t imagine what’s going to be in store.

  24. Not the best issue, but man if stuff didn’t happen. Is some of this stuff rushed? Yeah. But it’s funny to hear these complaints when the opposite was said of GL proper! Still, I gave this a 5/5 because it was so much better than every other book this week (Well.. almost every book.) Gleason was on this issue. But seriously, the Corps is most obviously screwed. And this is it, Blackest Night is here.

  25. Well, I may be in the minority, but I’ve loved every page. Bring on Blackest Night!

  26. I don’t know if I am just being hard on GLC and GL because I expect so much more.  Relative to other comics this issue could be a 4.5 star.  None the less, I gave it 3 stars although it maybe because I want Darkest Night to start already.  Bring me a black ring powered Bruce Wayne!

  27. wow… that’s really all i can say. I completely agree that the issue was rushed. Break it down and give me two issues out of this one and it would have been a fitting conclusion for an awesome arc. That said it was some good character development and plot development to lead in.

  28. i think both this book and GL are consistent 4-star books for me. they’re not blowing my mind, but i always enjoy reading them (despite GL’s art issues).

    looking forward to more blackest night goodness!

  29. Finally! Blackest Night.

  30. 4/5 stars, mainly for the art. I liked the writing a bunch too, but it felt a little rushed and didn’t really give a conclusion to this arc as it did set-up the next one. Can’t wait for BLACKEST NIGHT.

  31. I’m started to really like Guy now. Tomasi has molded him into a character though while still a jerk, he seems to have grown into someone I can get behind.

  32. Great issue as usual. I see why people would find it"rushed," but that’s just how I imagine things getting right before Blackest Night: chaotic and confusing. Seeing that last page really cemented the fact that finally Blackest Night is here!

  33. Another awesome issue of an awesome series.

    Bring on Blackest Night!!

  34. Wow.  This series so much more strongly then it’s companion book.  What a great scene!  Guy and Kyle standing up to the Guardians..  this was fantastic. 

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