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  1. Hmmmm, Ice coming back and proposing to Guy Gardner? I got it!

    Ice will be one of the major members of the Violet Lanterns!

  2. I think she’ll be an orange lantern, cuz she will covet Guy and won’t want anyone else to have him

  3. that’s a pretty crazy cover, great colours

  4. Tomasi can do little wrong at this point. Go Pete!

  5. It’s not like it really matters to me, I still really liked this issue, but does anyone else think that the fact that DC marketed this issue with the Ice/Guy proposal, and then didn’t deliver is a little underhanded?  Has anyone paid any amount of attention to how correct these marketing blurbs are?  I haven’t, and Now I’m curious.  It seems like it could be legally actionable against DC, because it’s literally false advertising if they’re consistently claiming things happen in issues, and then fail to deliver.  It can’t have THAT great an affect on the sales of an issue, but I bet there have been circumstances where the sales bump wasn’t insignificant because of a sales blurb that wound up being non-factual.

  6. @JonSamuelson-yeah, that was a cop out.  I will confess that I didn’t care about that happening at all, it was a great read either way.  But yeah, it was weak that they didn’t deliver

  7. @drakedangerz – Yeah, it didn’t bother me personally in this case at all.  I’m new enough to the DC Universe that the history between these characters is completely lost on me.  But I do think it’s a pretty shady practice.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!  She (Ice) didn’t even come close to proposing anything, so it’s not as if it’s just one of those things where the timing’s off and she’ll propose next month.  SPOILER ALERT OFF!!!  I know this is a small thing, but what if DC had fibbed about which issue Superman died in back in the day, and they had fraudulently sold a crapload of issues in which nothing actually happened?  Anyway, I can sense my enjoyment of complaining rearing its head, so I’ll be quiet.

  8. This book was really really enjoyable….

  9. Putting aside the false advertising issue, it was awesome to see the star sapphires in action, and the new recruit’s story definitely was a sad one.  here’s hoping she’s not a throwaway character. 

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