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It’s nonstop action as the Green Lantern Corps faces attacks on Oa and Earth…and Guy Gardner is presented with a choice that could change the balance of power between the different Lantern Corps forever!

Story by Van Jensen & Robert Venditti
Art by Bernard Chang
Colors by Marcelo Maiolo
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Cover by J.G. Jones, Paul Mounts, & Rags Morales

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Here’s hoping this is good.

  2. Picking this up, need more Venditti writing GL.

    • I’m actually glad Fialkov quit. Last week’s GL was really good.

    • I thought Venditti wrote this one also not JHF. Is he taking over after this issue or is JHF writing a few more?

    • @BCDX97, yes it was which is why I’m picking this up.

      @hanson724, as far as I know JHF quit before he even turned in a script for GL Corps. So either I’m wrong or the top of the page should say “Written by Robert Venditti”. It has his name on the DC Comics site as the writer for this issue as well.

  3. Really enjoyed Green Lantern #21.
    Hoping the series as a whole goes deeper into the different alien speices and keeps the universe expanding.

  4. Really enjoyed this issue. Along with Green Lantern and XO Manowar this will be the 3rd Venditti book on my pull list. He’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I like where this is heading and feel like it and GL are in good hands. Definitely sticking around.

  5. I thought this was just okay. The 4 new GLs were interesting, especially the little guy from the “Internet Planet” as I’m calling it, where all they did was argue endlessly. And I liked the part with Salaak. But the parts with GL John were okay.

    I’m dropping this from my pull list, but I might pick up the next issue, depending on how much the new GLs are featured.

    • Why not call the Internet Planet “Congress”?

      Seriously, I think next issue in both GL and this we start learning more about the rookies and how they handle being Lanterns.

  6. Just read this issue and it was a real struggle for me to get through it. Next issue is up in the air for me now. But I really liked Green Lantern #21.

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