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“The Secret of the Indigo Tribe,” Part 1!

The GL team of Hal Jordan and Sinestro must investigate a crime that leads them to the Indigo homeworld in deep space. And what they find there will not only shock them, but also change the way you look at Lantern lore!

Written by Geoff Johns
Pencilled by Doug Mahnke
Inked by Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, & Mark Irwin
Lettered by DC Lettering
Colored by Alex Sinclair
Cover by Doug Mahnke
Cover Color by Alex Sinclair

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Alright, Mahnke is back!!

  2. Didn’t get into this series yet but after looking at the preview I’m looking forward to jumping in now

  3. Hope this gets steered in an interesting better direction with this issue because this series has been losing its steam fast

  4. I am so ready for this line to move beyond stories about the other colored lanterns.

  5. I love Green Lantern, but I’m dropping this. I’m SO tired of color lanterns.

  6. Man, I’m glad I still like the rainbow squad, since that’s still the story they’re telling.

    Super excited for some Indigo insight.

    • Me too. There seems like there’s a lot left to cover there. Especially the Indigo tribe, which we got a little more insight into with the war of the green lanterns.

    • word. i hope black hand comes back into play since this is an indigo tribe story.
      this color makes slaves of the other colors and it isn’t the white power ring. how bout that? lol

  7. Didn’t read the last issue because of how bad the art was. But, I can’t wait for Mahnke art this issue. Still not sure on the indigo tribe thing but whatever. Looks good.

  8. Every time GL comes out it’s in the drop zone. Then the issue is always just interesting enough to keep me on board.

  9. boo-urns

  10. This maybe one of two Lantern books I will be keeping; GL and RL thats it. As far as all of these colored Lanterns, I agree that they need to go away and really only from this title. There should be more Hal and Sinestro in this title and less of any other Lanterns in this title. I think this is Hal’s book and thats where the story needs to stay and the other Lantern books should be enough room for all of the other stories. This title has been very good so far and I am enjoying it and thats me only complaint on this title.


  11. dude. legit.

    can’t wait. i hope this geoff johns is on JL next arc.
    previous arc was rough.

  12. the coloured lanterns were a great idea but they all came one after another and they have stuck around consistently.

    they’ve been overexposed far too quickly due to the whole blackest night / brightest day stuff.

    maybe time for a break and Have Hal fight some earthly rogues like Flash and Batman do for a year or two after this whole Guardian war thing that seems to be coming.

  13. I’m oddly torn over this: I dropped it after issue 3, and I barely paid attention to War of the GL (mostly because Brightest Day burned me out and burned out a ton of good will towards Johns) but I’m interested in the Indigo Tribe only because I don’t think they were ever really explored that deeply.
    Did i miss any revelations about them?

    • There were some interesting moments during the War of the GLs when Indigo-1 had her ring removed. Her personality shifted completely, revealing a malicious, angry person beneath.

      If it weren’t for that moment, I’m not sure I’d be picking this up, but dammit, my curiosity’s piqued.

    • Also interested in their connection to Abin Sur.

    • the indigo ring makes a slave of the wearer. compassionate, but a slave nonetheless.

  14. Well I gave it a 4 because I really like Hal and wanna see him as Green Lantern again officially not on Sinestro’s bitch leash. (Not sure if I spelled that right oh well) Don’ t really care at all about the indigo tribe and well all the rest of the damn colored Lanterns except for the Red. If this continues I am not sure what I will do because I can not let Hal go, now I see how Hal feels wearing Sinestro’s ring, Huh.


  15. Green Lantern #7 kicks off “The Secret of the Indigo Tribe.” Doug Mahnke delivers his best work yet, and the story has a horror feel to it. Those Indigos are creeps! I think “Nok” means “Salvation”… what do you think?

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  16. I thought it was alright. To me, current GL seems to keep at this status quo. The only thing that really intrigues me is the Guardians plans! I wish there was more focus on that. I am really holding out hope that it can get back to Blackest Night quality. War of the Green Lanterns was a step down and since the relaunch it seems to be coasting.

  17. Green Lantern continues to be a solid read each month. It’s never at the top of my list but there are enough intriguing pieces to this plot to keep me sticking around. I like Sinestro as a protagonist in contrast to the dastardly Guardians. And what the heck are they up to? Hal’s personal life is interesting again. I still like the idea of the rainbow corps. I’m happy to see more of the Indigo Tribe. You’ve still got me, Johns.

  18. Didnt we just do a reboot? apprently they forgot to tell Green Lantern.

    • I’m guessing that you really don’t keep current with comic news. Batman and GL have been the only two titles that have really maintained continuity.

  19. The guy that plays Smit on New Girl looks a lot like Doug Mahnke’s Hal Jordan. Also, this book is shithouse

  20. this issue is awsome. the art is fantastic(some of mahnke’s best work to date) and the story is solid.
    seems like it’s becoming fashionable to bash this book with little to no reason.
    you don’t like lanterns of another color? sounds racist…

  21. Whoever can’t stand the different color lanterns should just vote with their feet and drop the book. At this point, it should be way past obvious that they’re going to be a large part of the book, at least as long as Johns is writing it. Personally, it doesn’t bother me. I think there’s plenty there to warrant a few more stories about them. However “old” they’ve gotten, complaining about the obvious status quo has gotten a lot older.

    The book is still solid, in my opinion.

  22. I do believe that Johns is moving toward a final resolution with the Lanterns and the Guardians. I thought this issue was fine. Hal did get a few punches in his battle with Sinestro. I would like Sinestro out of the title at some point. It is Hal’s book.The “team up” is only good for so long. Dont drop the book, fans, as it is moving toward a larger theme.

  23. This issue didn’t really do a great deal for me other than to give more build up to the eventual clash between the GLC and the Guardians.

    Given that it will cover at least three titles, this is going to be a huge event so it makes sense for it to be a slow build up.

    However, that conversation between Sinestro and Hal aside, nothing really happened, the alleged shocking story of the Indigo tribe not likely to be revealed until future issues.

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