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The blockbuster “War of the Green Lanterns” comes to a universe-shattering conclusion! How will Krona’s rampage ultimately affect the Green Lantern Corps? All we can say is it will change EVERYTHING!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by SCOTT CLARK and DAVID BEATY

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.5%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. So glad this “event” is over. Here’s hoping the rebooted GL clears the table and starts fresh.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed this event.

    However if DC wanted to slow this book down, and deal with some small stories for a while, I’d be ok too    

  3. Put me in the tired of the never-ending Green Lantern events camp. I loved this title with a passion two years ago. Now I can’t even find the energy to see the movie.

  4. That is a sweet cover, but since I have been off Green Lantern for awhile now, this will probably be a skim through unless people start raving about it on here.

  5. This is the first of the Last Issues before the reboot, right?

  6. It’s been so long I can’t really remember what was going on…just glad it’s over.

  7. I’m pretty sure the cover pictured here is the variant.  I have enjoyed War of the Green Lanterns storyline and I’m curious what historical events in the GL universe will actually stay (Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, etc..) with the reboot. 

  8. Glad this series is coming to a close. It’s been only okay and The Rainbow Brigade stuff has gotten tiresome. Although I’ll be checking out John’s work on Aquaman and JLA, I’m done with GL for the foreseeable future.

  9. @shiveringking8  

    Technically yes, but later this month and in August there will be a 2-issue “Aftermath” mini to replace the Johns Green Lantern book. GLC and GLEW will keep going.

  10. Best issue since Blackest night. Didn’t realise this was the last issue before September. Now I’m all excited!

  11. This was very solid. I looking forward to the adventures of the “new” Green Lantern.

  12. I really enjoyed this book minus Kyle drawing the prisoners out of the black book

  13. This was fantastic. I’m excited for the 2 part aftermath issue, even though I thought for sure they were killing off one of the 4 human lanterns.

  14. What? I mean what? Very cool, but what? Looking forward to seeing the reboot

  15. Poor Hal, first they make a disappointing film then they take away his ring…Does this mean Sinestro will join the Justice League and pal around with Barry?

  16. This was trash, but the kind of trash that smells a little good in a weird way. Either way, I’m glad that this event is over. Not so sure I’m going to be picking this up post-reboot, although I am a little bit intruiged.

  17. @DikBallistik  Yeah, that was kind of stupid.

  18. Good times.

  19. The event was awesome.. and the ending was KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I’m sure the new scenario will not last long come reboot, but I am very excited to see the ramifications. Great twists at the end’a this clunker of a story, ensuring my $2.99 come September.

  21. love the new direction. cant wait to see how sinestro contrasts with the superhero community

  22. I really enjoyed this issue, but I’m taking a break from GL for a while now.

    I loved the two page spread of Hal defeating Krona.

  23. Amazing, superb art, but once again the resolution leaves no satisfaction. The Guardians are @$$holes still, for no reason. Just frustrating, but good god the art was fantastic.

    I really hoped the Guardians would get killed. They just piss me off. I will not be picking up this book after the reboot.

  24. So Ganthet got killed, Sinestro gets his ring, then Ganthet just shows up again at the end alive, and no one says boo about it?

  25. Skipping to not spoil on the home page…

    @Slockhart  I didn’t think he got killed. He certainly got the crap knocked out of him, but I didn’t assume he was dead. Anyone else?

    This mini (it’s not really an event because it doesn’t affect everything else, right?) went on too long. It could have been shorter. This was like 10 issues, right? It could have been 6 or 7 and been plenty long. I’m glad it’s over, and I am evented-out on GL.


    Back to this issue… My question was, how was Hal able to kill Krona? It was stated that no GL could use a ring to attack a Guardian due to safeguards built into the ring. Was it a technicality because Krona had been kicked out of the Guardians? I’d like a better explanation. That didn’t ruin the book for me, but it seemed to introduce some ambiguity into the “rules.”

    The ending of this book made it more than just a ho-hum ending to an over-long event. Having Sinestro back in the GL Corps and Hal kicked out was a great twist that I did not see coming. I’m sure it isn’t permanent, but it made for a good story. I wonder how many more twists like this, and the death of Donna Troy, we’ll see as the books wind down for the reboot?

  26. @Kennyg

    So where did Sinestro’s ring come from? If it was a random ring floating off of one of the dead Lanterns from about 3 issues ago, that was horribly set up. There are clearly two ways to interpret what happened, but neither one is very good.

    I swear Johns has been outsourcing his writing ever since he got his new job.

  27. @Slockhart   I re-read the issue and I have no idea where the ring that went to Sinestro came from. I thought it possibly came from Kyle, but it didn’t because he wasn’t imprisoned in the black book with the other colored lanterns who lost their rings. There could have been a lot of rings flying around – Mogo was shooting them out like a slot machine at one point in the story. Maybe it was Ganthet’s – he got his hand cut off and I didn’t see a ring on him in this issue. It didn’t diminish the story for me, really, but in retrospect wouldn’t it have been better if they had taken Hal’s ring and given it to Sinestro?

  28. So I havent read Green Lantern since Blackest Night ended, but I read this issue, while I was at my shop helping the owner do the pulls, and I gotta say that I really enjoyed it.  I’ve always enjoyed the sinestro character and I really liked what happened with him.

    This book changed my mind about checking out the new green lantern books in september, originally I was just going to ignore them all, but now I am definitely picking up two (Green Lantern and Red Lanterns)    

  29. So in the face of impending doom Hal has Kyle draw people?

    I just…



  30. @RavagerWolf  This exactly!!  Although I did read a few post BN books (DexStar orgin was the last)… Cant wait for GL and RL in September.

  31. I agree that this crossover was a few more issues than it needed to be but I’ve enjoyed the second half.  When I think about the plot in this issue a bit it is rather shaky but still I enjoyed it.  It looks great and was the usual explosion of color.

    I’m now excited for the new series in September.  Sinestro is probably the best character that Geoff Johns writes and I like this character development.  I doubt I’ll buy all four new Lantern titles, I am a bit Lanterned out.  But I’ll give em all a shot and hope to settle on Green Lantern proper and one other.

  32. @Slockhart – Dude, Lanterns were dying left and right, there were rings all over the damn place. One found Sinestro’s hand. Ain’t no thang.

  33. Not too happy and not crazy about reboot.

  34. I thought it was just done for the sake of doing it; nothing more. Some good parts ie… Hal vs Guy; some were just a waste ie…. one shot from Hal and Krona’s got a hole in him and dead!! Why did he not do that in the begiing and end it….LOL

    Just sayin,


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